Adventures in Shadesticking

After reading many, many, many, many, many have I mentioned many? many, reviews about how wonderful, amazing, fantastic, and brilliant MAC shadesticks are I decided to crack open my box of Dress Set Shade Sticks and pull out the Sea Me Shadestick for a try!

Remember kids I don’t like cream shadows but I can be converted maybe, kinda, sorta….

I used the Sea Me Shadestick prior to applying some Steel Blue pigment and was quite impressed at the results! I thought for sure I was heading into dangerous, messy brush territory! But it worked a treat and for your eyes, here is what it came up with:

What I used:
Sea Me Shadestick
Steel Blue Pigment
MJ Shadow in WT920
MJ Neo Expander
MJ Lash Bond (Sorry in my video blog I was calling the Lash Bond by the wrong name)

I also used the Lavshuca gloss in this FOTD over some Lavshuca lipstick!

  • 8/1/07 9:34 K:

    ooh!! that looks beautiful… welcome to the dark (oops, i mean shady) side…. 😛



  • 8/1/07 9:35 A-Mused:

    hey girlie 😉

    Thanks! I think the shadesticks keep the pigments nice and shimmery! I could get used to using these!

    I’m gonna try another one tomorrow 😉

    This looks similar to other looks I created sadly but I adore aquas!


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