A Few Words of Thanks

I owe some huge words of thanks to a few people!

Thanks to Touch of Blusher and Rougue Deluxe for linking me and pimping me via their blogs!

Appreciate it greatly and can’t say thanks enough!

Also a huge thank you to a reader of Touch of Blusher who came up with the term “MuseTV”! I love it and hope you don’t mind me using it! It’s the entire concept behind the blog now and I think it’s such a sweet little theme for my blog! Many hugs!

Again, Thanks a plenty and hugs all around!

  • 7/29/07 14:31 PJ:

    Hello A-Mused,

    You are very welcome. I loved the term MuseTV so much, so I simply could not resist telling you about it.

    Great to see that everything is up and running so nicely! I look forward to reading all your new posts!


  • 7/29/07 17:35 A-Mused:

    hello PJ 😉

    It’s so great! I adore it! Thanks so much for telling me :)

    Looking forward to getting new posts up 😉

    Thanks for the comment!


  • 7/30/07 4:50 Haru:

    Love the new blog! Glad to pimp it anytime :-)


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