An Ode to Parrot

in MAC

An ode to that legendary MAC color that is sadly gone from our graces!

Parrot how I adore thee and will miss you when I’ve used you all up! Moonflower tries to be like you but it doesn’t fill my heart the way you do!

When oh When will they repromote you? I have dreams of stocking up when you regrace us with your presence and beauty!

On the bright side I could always sell a kidney to afford a new pot of parrot which ranges from $60-80 on E-bay!

Well…maybe not!

  • 12/29/07 19:35 Kara:

    That Parrot is a pretty color! It looks so good on you! No wonder you have 3 (or more) hehe
    Thank-you muse for all your contributions to the makeup world! YouTube, and a blog, I know that’s a lot of work!


  • 12/29/07 23:25 the Muse:

    hi Kara

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kindness :) I really love doing this and it makes it even better with feedback from readers like you!

    Many thanks! *hugs*

    Happy New year!


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