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Shu Uemura Summer Prism Collection Summer 2007

So I heard about this collection 500 years ago but was never able to locate any of it. It was supposely released in May and it was unsure whether that was worldwide or Asia only.

Call me an idiot but this one stumped me. I’m still unclear about when it’s being released stateside.

Anyway…it’s gorgeous and really thats all that matters right?

The shadow trios are so me! I needed them! I went on my determined little way to locate and make them mine! Last night I scored in a MAJOR way! I’ve found both of them! Finally! My lovely mate, Mayu, was able to find them for me and is shipping them over directly!

I shall post the pictures as soon as they are in my greedy hands!

Now the question still remains when the hell are these coming out on our side? Are they at all? Exclusives?

Got an answer?
E-mail me, Educate me, I want to know!


The Sadness of Beauty

What does one do when sadness beckons and sleep eludes them?

Blog about beauty of course!

The following entry is from a blog I did ages ago on Live Journal but I’ve revamped it for My Space! At the moment I am not feeling my normal self so I’m entitled to a mark up and edit of this very blog. It gives me something to do with my mind less it wander into my heart.

Givenchy. Ah the posh richness of Givenchy’s color collections! I guess I can rightly be called a newbie to Givenchy’s make-up line as I really only started collecting it this past fall. A friend brought me a blush as a gift and this started my downward spiral into the expensive habit of tracking down and purchasing new Givenchy palettes! Yes I do curse her everyday after!

Givenchy’s line is probably one of the only make-up lines I’ve seen sell out so quickly! It’s not sold in many places and it’s difficult to track down the items when they do finally pop up somewhere! I’m fool enough to call every Sephora from 42nd Street to Times Square trying to locate one palette! Online you say? Impossible! Sells out in a snap!

The spring line was probably my favorite thus far!

The Arty line is bright, bold, and colorful as all hell! I’d love to say that I have the entire collection but I somehow mustered up enough willpower to puchase the blush and the eye palette only! It seemed too ridiculous to actually spend all that kind of money on the entire line! Maybe when I win the lotto! I’ll whisper this really low but I also didn’t spend the money on it because I just felt I wasn’t in the same league as the collection! Hell you have to be drop dead, outstanding gorgeous to wear make-up this lovely and I’m not entirely in that catagory! (Jesus I hope no one important is reading this! I won’t mention any names but he’s likely going to bloody snuff me out for saying that I am not gorgeous! Lucky am I he thinks so ya? Ok ok ok back to the make-up).

Since fall I’ve come across some great palettes they have done but by far this has been the best of the lot!

If you have some spare change rattling around in your pockets and you really want to purchase something different, I highly recommend either the Arty Blush or the Arty Eye palette! Or both! Oh my! These are too amazing products that Givenchy has outdone themselves on!

My tiny lot from the Arty Color Collection:

Cheers to Givenchy! High hopes we see new, exciting colors come the winter!
It should take me till that time to find the newest palette released for the summer!

I’m off to put out signs in the neighborhood! “Have you seen this palette?” Reward offered for any information regarding its where abouts!

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The Need for Shower Gels

I’m in such a good mood today I thought I’d grace you with my every lovely presense and present you with a blog of shower gels (It also helps that work isn’t busy and I can afford to procrastinate my way around a blog today)!

This is a very important topic of discussion so please pay heed and follow it well!

I’ve always questioned the amount of shower gel, soaps, fancy bits and bobs one girl needs for her bath and shower and I’ve come to the conclusion that we need many! An endless variety to pick and choose to suit our moods during our showers and baths!

Now I am no different from any other girl in I own an array of paraphilia that graces my washroom and overflows from my cabinets and shelves.

If my weight had anything at all to do with shower gels I fear I’d be guilty in overindulging in sweets, baked goods, fruits, and other guilty pleasures and treasures!

I’m a philosophy girl and I have been for many a fine year! I have cheated on philosophy the last few years with a small company called Lush but that’s for another blog and another day!

philosophy is ever near and dear to my heart!

Now philosophy is well known for it’s fabulous 3 in 1 shower gels and I beg you not to think too badly of me when I say I hate the “in the shower” experience! I’ve no aversion to smelling like candy canes, crumb berry pie, vanilla cream puffs, and the likes! So why oh why can’t the scent linger longer? Sigh! In the shower it’s so lovely and fragrant, step out and it’s gone, a forgotten dream of gorgeous scent! I wish they’d make a shower gel with good linger and throw something that would stay with your hair all day and cling to your body equally! How depressing!

But…still…I keep my pile of 3 in 1’s and happily use them daily!

Now to move forward slightly I should tell you that in all my years of buying these gels I’ve come across quite a few that stay on my favorite list!

Some that grace my MUST have on hand ALWAYS list are:

I have to go ahead and rant a tiny bit more. The fact that they have come out with some real shit 3 in 1’s the last year or so bugs me. Some that must be avoided at all costs in my humblest of humble opinions would be: Sugar Cookie (this smells NOTHING like Sugar Cookies! Who the hell approved this as smelling like sugar and cookies? All I get is LEMON!), Vanilla Cream Puff (Just GROSS and wrong in so many ways), Lavender Pound Cake (OH MY GOD I think I threw up a little in my mouth! GAG! Who’s bright idea was it to put lavender in a pound cake anway?)

Which brings me to the topic of Lemonade! They introduced Lemonade last year and boy was I excited to get my paws on it! My imagination took flight and visions of cool, tart, sweet lemons danced through my head as I made my way to! Upon its arrival the smell of Lemonade do not greet me as I had expect. This version of Lemonade has the weirdest off smell I’ve had the displeasure of sniffing! Very strange! How disappointing!

This year marked the year of fruits! They have come out with a slew of new fruity 3 in 1’s! Tangerine, Lime, Peach, Oh MY! But I’ve had none of it! I didn’t purchase a one! Once Bitten, Twice Shy by friends! I will not be compelled to order fruity bits and have them come to my door being as disappointing as Lemonade was!

But, by far, the piece Pièce de résistance this summer is Pink Lemonade! Yes, Yes I know what you are thinking! “She’s gone on a rant about Lemonade and now she excited about Pink Lemonade? What the hell is wrong with her?” I KNOW I know! But I can’t help myself!

The good news is that Pink Lemonache is exclusive to Nordstrom! We love Nordie’s exlusives don’t we?

I was smart this time around! I was having none of ordering online! I was prepared! I was sniffing before buying! My genius astounds me sometimes!

Upon arriving at the source of this exclusive 3 in 1 Shower Gel I was prepared for disappointment and despair but to my shock and utter delight THIS is what I had wanted and desired in Lemonade! Sweet, Tart, Lovely Lemons and Sugar Oh MY! Tis perfect! Just perfect! I want to take a spoon and eat the body butter from it’s very jar it smells that GOOD!

Finally you’ve gotten it right philosophy! Bravo! My highest rating for this yummy collection of goodies! This is by far my favorite of all the 3 in 1’s thus far!

I went ahead and spoiled myself with the lot…now let’s see if we can convince them to release a hand wash in this scent and I’ll be happy indeed!

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MAC Tendertones Review

in MAC

MAC Tendertones Color Story

Sexier on the lips than balm. Silkier than gloss. More protective than naked. A lipcolour that combines soft shine, easy glide, and double-smooth satin finish with an everyday sun protective formula. To treat your lips…Love ’em tender.

That blurb is taken directly from the MAC website and it’s the biggest crock of shit ever! Don’t you love when I’m being right properly unladylike with my colorful vocabulary? I know you adore it!

I gotta say I’m not big on the lip gelees, the lipglasses, and the glosses in general from MAC. I’m a MAC whore but I’ll go right ahead and diss the glosses from here to Central America. They don’t rock my world. Sticky, gooey, and just gross come to mind. Do I use them? Yea. Do I buy them? Yea. Why? I dunno, I’m sick, we established that already.

I do give a hearty thumbs up to MAC’s plushglass but that’s another story for another day as I say!

Now when I first heard about Tendertones I was excited (when don’t I get excited at the prospect of new gloss?)!

I think I idolized Tendertones to the status of Lancome’s Juicy Gelee Gloss! I was thinking smooth, glossy, wonderfully sheer color, moisturizing, porn star lips! (Did I just say porn stay? I guess I did. Deal with it!)

Nope. None of those things apply to this gloss. I should have known. I ended up purchasing 4 of the colors and although, they are happily making friends with the rest of the glosses in my collection, they are in no way a favorite of mine.

They are sheer. Very sheer. I expected some color. I was thinking I could apply without lipstain under it. Not happening. I need stain under the gloss otherwise I get plain fleshy colored lips with some sticky gloss slapped on. It’s sticky. Again, I should have known. It doesn’t surprise me. MAC always has a special knack for putting out the thickest, stickiest glosses around. I feel like my lips are glued shut wearing this stuff.

They smell yummie and they taste equally lovely but that’s about the only thing going for them! The pot is huge for the price another plus. To be honest while I was browsing them I was somewhat in awe and was almost to the point of purchasing the entire lot, because, again, I’m sick like that. But I’m glad I ended up with 4 colors and didn’t get too crazy. To be honest if you’re considering purchasing any, my strongest suggestion is just go with one. They are so sheer that they all go on as the same color. So really, you may well be blinded with the array of colors on display but it doesn’t matter which you choose, all go on the same clear way! Boring Boring Boring!

Low rating for me. Not interested at all. They’ll end up in the bottom of my traincase and one day I’ll pull them out and sell them on E-bay or swap them away on make-up alley.

Not good at all.

Good try MAC but keep trying!

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Trendy Threads for The Curvy Chick

If you haven’t figured it out yet (You’re REALLY slow if you still haven’t noticed this) I’m short and round! This means society has fit me into cute little headings like “cute and chubby”, “big and beautiful”, etc…etc…

God lord….

Anyway, I decided a long time ago even though I didn’t win the looks/weight lottery I could still work around what I do have and try to glam it up as much as humanly possible (this stuff takes alot of work people! Hours actually!)!

Thankfully a few select shops have remembered us small, round chicks and decided that it was a good idea to invest some time into creating clothes for us! PHEW! Saved! One such shop goes by the name of Torrid! Thank you Torrid for remembering that all girls are not created equal and some of us are height challenged as well as blessed with wobble and jiggle! Torrid appears to want to keep the select few of my species happy by creating trendy little fashion bitlets for us!

Now Torrid is a problem for me, Yes Yes Yes! I know you’re asking yourself why I am already ranting when just two seconds ago I was raving! The problem is when I go into Torrid or happen to wander onto the website I end up coming away with more clothes that I don’t possibly need! I already have enough clothes and shoes to keep a small village warm for a few years! Adding more to that pile is pretty much like suicide!

Today, as I was happily sipping my cuppa, my genius, witty, clever mind decided that it might just be a good idea to have a look at Torrid’s website. Why not? What could it hurt? My feeble little mind convinced itself that since I’d be going to England either in August or this fall (hopefully sooner than later) I’d need new clothes! Now I never need an excuse for purchasing new clothes, shoes, accessories, or make-up but I had promised myself to calm my little self down and take a deep breath before purchasing stuff I don’t need! Now this never works as the little voices inside my head are strong with the force.

However, today the force was quite heavy and it convinced me that I did indeed need to have a few little items for my upcoming trip!

My tiny, really small, ickle, little order:

It’s rare that I like to wear a dress but occasionally you’ll see me flirting around with one! This order included quite a few dresses that I’ve been wanting to buy forever and today seemed a good day to do it!

Oh My God! I wanna twirl in this!

I already had the stockings, might as well get the skirt!

The moral of today’s blog kids is even if you’re a larger lady you can still have fun with your looks and be as fashionable as your heart desires (contrary to what society and the surgeon general says)! Work with your mama gave you!

Now…I need some new shoes…Hmmm……