Repeats, Reruns, Babble and Such!

When I originally started Musings of a Muse it was older blogs that I had snatched from my Live Journal account and placed on myspace!

I’m in a similiar situation right now with this new blog! Which means I’m tempted to move some of my older blogs from myspace and add them up here on Blogger!

What are your thoughts? Would you like some repeats? Reruns? Or shall I start fresh!

Would love your input on this!

  • 9/28/10 11:36 Bridgette:

    I’m new to make up and even newer here. It would all be fresh to me :)


    • 9/28/10 11:50 the Muse:

      Hi Bridgette this is a really old post hun :) About 2-3 years old 😀


  • 9/28/10 12:09 Bridgette:

    Oh I realized that appx 1 second after I hit “submit” been enjoying looking at things from 2007 though. I love looking at all the reviews you’ve done. You also give me lots of ideas.


    • 9/28/10 12:11 the Muse:

      LOL no worries I was like eh? this is from a while ago hehe! aw cheers thanks for looking back into the archives ;-D


  • 12/1/10 21:18 Coral:

    I started following a bit ago and exhausted any back entries when I went on a binge. I would love to read some reruns.


    • 12/2/10 15:52 the Muse:

      hi coral this is a REALLY old post hun. I’ve already moved everything over 😉 wow, you’ve been reading ALOT ha!


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