Shu Uemura Summer Prism Collection Summer 2007

So I heard about this collection 500 years ago but was never able to locate any of it. It was supposely released in May and it was unsure whether that was worldwide or Asia only.

Call me an idiot but this one stumped me. I’m still unclear about when it’s being released stateside.

Anyway…it’s gorgeous and really thats all that matters right?

The shadow trios are so me! I needed them! I went on my determined little way to locate and make them mine! Last night I scored in a MAJOR way! I’ve found both of them! Finally! My lovely mate, Mayu, was able to find them for me and is shipping them over directly!

I shall post the pictures as soon as they are in my greedy hands!

Now the question still remains when the hell are these coming out on our side? Are they at all? Exclusives?

Got an answer?
E-mail me, Educate me, I want to know!

  • 7/27/07 3:11 Irene:

    Hi there.

    A fellow cosmetic whore here. ^^ I came across your videos on Youtube, and found a link here. I wanted to let you know that there’s a Shu Uemura counter at the Uwajimaya near me, in Seattle, in case you’re ever looking for anything.


  • 7/27/07 5:40 A-Mused:

    Hi Irene.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks so much 😉 Appreciate the offer!!!!!!

    I’m sure we’ll have plenty to discuss!

    Many thanks!



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