As I Said Before, I am NOT a Sun Seeker!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! I’m NOT a sun seeker! This weekend the worst possible scenario occurred! My god it was absolutely a nightmare! Horrifying! Terrifying! Drama! Suspense! Action! Sorry about that I got a little carried away.

What was I saying? Oh I remember now…the worst possible scenario occurred, I got caught without my trusty sunblock! Woe is me dear readers, woe is me! I’m naturally fair skinned on my face and a majority of my other body parts are a medium sort of color! I imagine that sounds utterly bonkers but it’s true and it actually works quite well as I like my face nice and fair of color. While away this weekend I was unable to locate a single store that didn’t carry some sort of dime store brand of sunblock and I was stuck without a little droplet of it! Zip, zero, nada! I normally slather my face in sunblock to avoid getting any sort of tan because I really feel a tan adds about 150lbs to my face! Sadly, the unavoidable occurred, and I ended up with quite a ghastly tan all over a majority of my face, body, and other bits and pieces!


I need a hug.

Until this fades I’ll be unable to get away with many bold colors :( I’m somewhat forced to use golds, bronzes, and other colors I am not always up for (golds I don’t mind so much).

And here is what could happen to you should you forget your sunblock (you’re lucky I’m even sharing these! They are just downright BAD)! This be the baked version of the Muse:

This morning general makeup application was an absolute nightmare as you can see from the pictures I look like I just rolled outta the bed or something the cat may have dragged in and spit out! I did wear a dress and tried really hard to make the tan work by dressing it up with a bit of orange….bad idea…made me look washed up completely!

Remember girls always pack several bottles of sunblock to avoid an awful tan that’ll make you look ten times heavier than you really are (I don’t believe that urban myth that tans flatter the firgure and make you look slim, lean, and lovely)! Unless of course you’re one of the rare few that can get away with being gorgeous AND tan! Lucky you!

By the way that look on my face is one of excruciating pain and agony in the form of some sort of smile as I was quite ready to throw myself on the floor, cry, stamp, and general shout my outrage at the unjustness of my unwanted bronzed flesh!

  • 8/6/07 18:27 Anonymous:

    Very sorry to hear about the sunscreen dilemma. Having been there, done that myself, I can sympathize.

    Your blog rocks; I found it through Haruchan’s blog.

    Cheers, Betsy


  • 8/6/07 18:42 A-Mused:

    Hello Betsy!

    Ah blessed relief someone else that has experienced this problem :)

    haru is a darling girl for linking me! I hope I can live up to a mere smidge of her awesome blogging techniques!

    Thanks for reading it!



  • 8/6/07 21:47 Mag:

    I’m sorry you were tanned without your consent! *pat pat*

    I really like hair band and top though – they’re SO cheerful and vibrant! I would love to see you use orange and green on your eyes! Please do an orange/green eotd with the same top, ok? 😉


  • 8/6/07 21:54 Anonymous:

    poor thing!! i’m one of those who couldn’t tan even if i try very hard… i’d turn out looking like a broiled lobster (no offence to the lobster) and it fades in jaundiced stages which makes me resemble a half-boiled turkey (no offence to the turkey too) on a rampage!!

    speedy recovery to peaches & cream soon!!! *hugz*



  • 8/7/07 3:14 Erusa:

    Hey Sweetie!

    Hugs! Hugs!
    Don’t panic, that tan will fade faster than you think.
    I’m pretty fair but I don’t mind looking tanned, even when I have some difficulties tanning!

    But you look pretty anyway!
    Cheer up!


  • 8/7/07 6:30 A-Mused:

    Hey Mag! Thanks sweetie! Your comments light up my little blog 😉

    That sounds interesting…orange and green hmmm….Yes…I’ll see what I can do 😉

    It’s actually a dress not a top 😉

    Thanks for popping by! Will keep your special request for an orange/green look in mind! Attempt it this week maybe!



  • 8/7/07 6:33 A-Mused:

    LOL karya!

    Hey girlie :) How are you?

    I feel like a bit of a piece of leather at the moment! When it fades it’ll be worse I fear :( Can’t wait to get back to my normal self!

    I hate tans :(

    I’ve already started using my brightening lotion! I tried applying some Kiss Marshmallow Lightening Foundation this morning but it made me look like drown out! I can only get away with staining my cheeks at this point as anything else is overdoing it!


    Oh well!

    Hugs back!


  • 8/7/07 11:42 Stephanie:

    I like you with a tan. It’s different than your other FOTD and you are glowing. Look at the positive side, you are trying something new and that’s what life is all about right? Changing it up once in a while. =) *hug* you are beautiful.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks tan can sometimes makes you look worse. My tan is much much worse than yours. I look like I went mud wrestling and let the mud bake on my entire face and body. And any hint of oiliness on my forehead turns it into a mirror. Argh~!! But anyways, big fan of Haru and your blog. Keep it up~


  • 8/7/07 12:18 A-Mused:

    Aw thanks Steph :) Absolutely true! Change can be fun for sure! *huge hugs*

    So many people love to bake in the sun and come away looking “healthy” but I just feel it makes me look drown out!!!!!!! LOL a mud wrestler is a great example!

    Love Haru and her blog too :)

    Thanks for making me feel better and for dropping by!


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