Babblings About Comments!

One of my main reasons for moving my blog to blogger was because people couldn’t comment on mySpace without having an account!

My first week here I didn’t get many replies as I slowly moved entries over but I’m so happy and excited to see the overwhelming response I’ve gotten on youTube, here on blogger, and e-mails as well from people who view my videos!

I just wanted to say thanks! I really am loving all the great questions and comments and I adore interacting with each and every one of you 😉

Kisses and Hugs to you all!

  • 8/8/07 18:46 Anonymous:


    I am quite the insomniac and wanted to let you know I greatly enjoyed watching your Youtube.vids on your mu collection last night! Your makeup room is fantastic. I’ll be watching the rest of your vids tonight while I’m insomniac-ing it up. 😛



  • 8/8/07 18:52 A-Mused:

    LOL you’ll fall asleep soon enough listening to me babble about makeup 😉


    Thanks for your comments Sarah 😉

    Hope we talk some more soon!


  • 8/8/07 23:35 K:

    look what you’ve gotten yourself into~!~!~! now we will never stop….. :p



  • 8/9/07 14:09 Mag:

    As we do, with you. :)

    Your blog is so cheerful and effervescent – such love for makeup is infectious! Thank you for creating such a happy makeup blog. I read yours and Iris’ every day! 😀


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