Chat and Be Happy!

I have so much fun talking to each and everyone of you! I love replying to your emails, messages, and comments! It really brightens my day up!

I know that sometimes I take a while to reply to some messages but I do my best to always answer everyone!

I’ve decided to add a little chat room to my blog! If you scroll down the page a little and look towards your right hand side on my blog you’ll see a little button that says “Click to Chat”. If you click it (be sure your browser has popups disabled otherwise it won’t work) a little chat room will pop up and you can chat with each other or me if I am online at the moment! You’ll notice it lists the numbers of chatters but I don’t think this updates correctly so if it reads 0 chatters still pop your head in because it’s likely myself or someone will be in the room since it doesn’t appear to be updating correctly!

I’ll be doing a schedule (when I have some free time) for live chat nights if anyone is interested so we can gather together and babble our hearts out about cosmetics, life, the universe, and everything icon wink

I will, of course, leave the chatroom up and running when I am online so that if you happen to wander on you can say hello to me!

Many thanks for all your comments it makes doing these blogs a pure joy!

I look forward to talking to each and everyone of you!

  • 8/28/07 0:01 Anonymous:

    Hi Muse,

    I love this new chatting feature you have. I signed all up (sydneybristow8). I just am not sure I am doing it right as I can’t see anyone responding. It does say 2 other ppl. hmm…

    You might have some kinks to work out unless its just me and my computer un-knowhow. :P



  • 8/28/07 7:21 A-Mused:

    hi there Sarah!

    Hehe you were one of the reasons I created the room! We do have to chat sometime ;)

    Hm they were probably lurking or maybe it was lagged! But I guess they were lurking probably!

    I believe it’s all in working order so far :)

    I hope we can chat really soon!

    Exciting! Weee!



  • 8/28/07 11:56 ?~Erusa~?:

    Kiaaaa~~~!!(>_< )
    This is gonna be fun!!


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