Hello World, It’s Been a While!

Hello there!

Been a while since I ventured into doing any Face of the Day pictures!

What I Used:
Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Heat
MAC Pigment in Copper Sparkle
MAC Pigment in Quick Frost
Excel Mascara

Really a simple one!

  • 8/16/07 20:20 petitez:

    i love Heat and Copper Sparkle! Copper Sparkle is from which collection?


  • 8/16/07 20:33 A-Mused:

    Thanks babe!

    Copper Sparkle is from rushmetal 😉


  • 8/17/07 6:39 petitez:

    Really?? But Copper Sparkle isn’t in rushmental, M.A.C’s website.


  • 8/17/07 13:22 A-Mused:

    Totally dumb moment!

    You are right Serene!

    This a regular piggie color in the catalog and not from rushmetal 😉


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