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I wandered over to visit my little friend Eru’s blog on myspace and she had thee most awesome youTube video up!

I don’t wanna steal her thunder and post her video here so if you’d like to see it visit her blog here.

Many brands I’ve done blogs on are featured in the video! You have to be sure to watch the complete video because at the end they feature awesome press on shadow! Now I’ve seen press on before and I can even get some here from Cargo! But these are amazing as they contain not 1 color but 3!

The Japanese are so innovative in all things and something as mundane as press shadow that has three shades just flips me out! Really a cool product!

If you aren’t familiar with press shadow here are ones that Cargo has released about two years ago or so:

Now the general idea of the color cards from Cargo are beauty simplicity at it’s best! However, this isn’t nearly as simple as the press shadows featured in the video! The Cargo cards are meant to be used with a brush or a fingertip! The ones in the video take this a step further by allowing you to press them onto your eye area, slip them off, blend with your finger tip a bit and PRESTO! gorgeous shadow!

This, my friends, is why Japanese brands get my money a majority of the time! Superb!

Do check it out and if you have a myspace account I’m sure Eru would appreciate your comments about whatcha think!

  • 8/2/07 2:35 Erusa:

    Hey Sweetie!
    I’m so glad you liked the vid, and dont worry, you can steal from me as you want (‘-^)
    I’ve posted some great cms that you may want to check too ^-^
    And, by the way, I was wondering…can you help me with buying in jpmon? Lol, even with a translator I can’t understand anything!


  • 8/2/07 9:38 A-Mused:

    Hey Eru!

    I loved it! 😉 You’re such a doll!

    Yes yes! I’m in love with the new KATE commercial! The song is so catchy!

    Sure I can help you! I’ll message you on myspace ’bout it!

    Squishy hugs!


  • 8/2/07 14:00 Mag:

    Eye Majic actually looks cool and sparkly when the Japanese girl swiped it across her eye! When I first heard about this, I was concerned about the tugging 😛

    It was developed by an Ozzie, not the Japanese. I actually saw it on Oprah very recently:


    Here’s more info:



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