in MAC

Another ho-hum release from MAC this week! I can’t get too excited at the prospect of new MAC gloss as I don’t even like their lines of glosses all that much anyway!

Looks like my wallet is saved again! Thanks MAC my credit card thanks you for the reprieve!

In 3D is available for a limited time so you might want to snatch one or two colors up…I may be tempted, we shall see!

This Color Story Consists of:

3D Glass

* Apex – Sheer orange with green pearl (LE)
* Boundless – Pinky red with blue pearl (LE)
* Backlit – White gold with yellow and white pearl (LE)
* Algorithm – Dusty rose with light pink pearl (LE)
* Racy – Sheer cherry red with pink and red pearl (LE)
* Optical – Caramel brown with pink pearl (LE)
* Wondershine – Tangerine with gold and red pearl (LE)
* Lightswitch – Sheer metallic pink with white pearl (LE)
* Touchpoint – Blue mid tone pink with white pearl (LE)
* Energy – Baby pink with white/pink pearl (LE)
* Synched up – Tan with pink and white pearl (LE)
* In 3D – Peach pink with blue pearl (LE)

Lipglass Pencil

* Rosebound – neutral pink with gold pearl (LE)
* Plum mate – Sheer plum (LE)
* Red stroke – Cherry red (LE)
* Part nude – Plum brown (LE)
* Neutralzone – Caramel with gold pearl (LE)
* Coral craze – Mid tone orange (LE)
* Pink edge – Mid tone pink with white pearl (LE)
* Brickmate – Bronze brown with gold pearl (LE)
* Fuschia lining – Sheer berry pink (LE)

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