MuseTV Presents: Must Have Beauty Staples

Hello there!

I have quite a few fans on youTube that really enjoy my videos (Why they do is beyond me but thanks guys!)! These girls really have some incredible ideas for new video blogs that they want to see!

Someone had a special request for Must Have Beauty Staples! Items that I love, adore, and generally always have on hand!

This is a video blog of some of those items!

I hope you all find it helpful in adding additions to your must have items!

Many thanks for the great ideas!

If you have a suggestion for a video do comment and let me know what you’d like to see!

MuseTV Presents: A Special Request of Must Have Beauty Items

  • 8/3/07 3:54 Erusa:

    Hi Sweetie!
    I have enjoyed seeing your vids again! =) i love them!Yay!
    Your little square foundation catched my eye, can you please tell me it’s name and where to find it =)? Please?
    Thanks, let me huuuuug you!!!!


  • 8/3/07 12:31 PJ:

    Hello there,

    Love these videos, especially the one on blushers. I have a Shu Uemura blusher as well (M Amber 86), which is really good. It is a warm beige/brown which I used to use for contouring. Now I use it more as an eyeshadow for a neutral look. Quite a versatile item.

    Love the shades you’ve got as well!



  • 8/6/07 21:12 A-Mused:

    Hey Eru!

    Did you mean the Morgen Schick Hide and Highlight it? If so you’d best get it on e-bay since you live abroad and they won’t allow you to order direct from the site! People have quite a few on e-bay for sale 😉


    Hey PJ!

    How are you lovie?

    I adore Shu blushes! They are such great pigmented shades and just a really no nonsense cute compact!

    I don’t believe I have M Amber 86 but I do have a nice bronze/brown which I used for contouring as well! I had originally purchased it thinking it was a peachy color (as Shu’s site is quite misleading with shade swatches) and when I got it I was disappointed but I used it and fell in love! Just goes to show you how versatile all the shades really are!



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