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Stila Warehouse Sale

Those lucky enough to live in California were able to partake of the pagan ritual (I’m kidding it isn’t pagan but sometimes the general idea of a huge cosmetic sale and a buncha girls running to grab everything they can could possibly appear cult like to the non cosmetic whore) of this sale were able to nab some AMAZING deals! We hate you all, ever last stinking one of you (I’m kidding of course but damn I love drama)!

Sigh. Now that I’ve expressed my dislike for people that got super deals at this sale I shall go on 😉

Well, the bad news is I wasn’t able to nab any of the deals as I wasn’t anywhere near California during this massive sale! They had palettes for $8 bucks each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $8 bucks???! That must be illegal in some states!

God, I’m so depressed right now.

Anyway, the good news is that some of the palettes were pretty rare and although people paid far less for them during the warehouse sale it’s obvious they’ll end up on E-bay for heaps more!

But in a way that’s good news for the avid collector because if you happened to have either never nabbed these palettes before or want to add something special to your existing Stila collection now is a good time to search on E-bay and see what sort of deals you can nab!

I’ve seen the following deals:
Spring Trio Duos for $19.99 which were originally $25 (They probably paid $8-$12 for it but still that’s a good deal at $19.99)
Wicked Special Edition Kits ranging from $19.99-$24.99 (Can’t recall the original price of these but they have been long gone and they are now popping up all over E-bay)
Spring Ephemeral Trio for $34 (I was just asking my lovely mate Haru about this and now several have popped up on E-bay! These are going for about the original price they were in Asia which isn’t a bad deal at all in my humble opinion! During the sale these went for $8 but I still think $34 for the palette is quite the steal)
Various Stila Girl Trio Shadows Ranging from $9.99-$14.99 (Can’t really recall the original price of these but at these prices that’s a deal as well)!

Many deals are to be had on E-bay and even though some people are profiting from the sale (Hey it’s a dog eat dog world I guess!) I still think it’s great to nab some good deals at the moment as many of these items are difficult to find at the moment and now the market is saturated with great vintage Stila!

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Japanese youTube Video

I wandered over to visit my little friend Eru’s blog on myspace and she had thee most awesome youTube video up!

I don’t wanna steal her thunder and post her video here so if you’d like to see it visit her blog here.

Many brands I’ve done blogs on are featured in the video! You have to be sure to watch the complete video because at the end they feature awesome press on shadow! Now I’ve seen press on before and I can even get some here from Cargo! But these are amazing as they contain not 1 color but 3!

The Japanese are so innovative in all things and something as mundane as press shadow that has three shades just flips me out! Really a cool product!

If you aren’t familiar with press shadow here are ones that Cargo has released about two years ago or so:

Now the general idea of the color cards from Cargo are beauty simplicity at it’s best! However, this isn’t nearly as simple as the press shadows featured in the video! The Cargo cards are meant to be used with a brush or a fingertip! The ones in the video take this a step further by allowing you to press them onto your eye area, slip them off, blend with your finger tip a bit and PRESTO! gorgeous shadow!

This, my friends, is why Japanese brands get my money a majority of the time! Superb!

Do check it out and if you have a myspace account I’m sure Eru would appreciate your comments about whatcha think!



in MAC

Another ho-hum release from MAC this week! I can’t get too excited at the prospect of new MAC gloss as I don’t even like their lines of glosses all that much anyway!

Looks like my wallet is saved again! Thanks MAC my credit card thanks you for the reprieve!

In 3D is available for a limited time so you might want to snatch one or two colors up…I may be tempted, we shall see!

This Color Story Consists of:

3D Glass

* Apex – Sheer orange with green pearl (LE)
* Boundless – Pinky red with blue pearl (LE)
* Backlit – White gold with yellow and white pearl (LE)
* Algorithm – Dusty rose with light pink pearl (LE)
* Racy – Sheer cherry red with pink and red pearl (LE)
* Optical – Caramel brown with pink pearl (LE)
* Wondershine – Tangerine with gold and red pearl (LE)
* Lightswitch – Sheer metallic pink with white pearl (LE)
* Touchpoint – Blue mid tone pink with white pearl (LE)
* Energy – Baby pink with white/pink pearl (LE)
* Synched up – Tan with pink and white pearl (LE)
* In 3D – Peach pink with blue pearl (LE)

Lipglass Pencil

* Rosebound – neutral pink with gold pearl (LE)
* Plum mate – Sheer plum (LE)
* Red stroke – Cherry red (LE)
* Part nude – Plum brown (LE)
* Neutralzone – Caramel with gold pearl (LE)
* Coral craze – Mid tone orange (LE)
* Pink edge – Mid tone pink with white pearl (LE)
* Brickmate – Bronze brown with gold pearl (LE)
* Fuschia lining – Sheer berry pink (LE)

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MAC Painterly

in MAC

MAC’s newest color story, Painterly, is released in North America this week! This collection consists of 12 new paint pots!

The Color Story Consists of:

Paint Pots

* Artifact – Dark burgundy with red pearl
* Bare Study – Champagne with gold and white pearl
* Blackground – Smoky black grey with multi colored pearl
* Constructivist – Metallic dark brown with red pearl
* Delft – Deep teal with gold pearl
* Fresco Rose – Mid tone pink with mid tone pearl
* Groundwork – Mid tone neutral taupe
* Greenstroke – Mint green with gold pearl
* Indianwood – Metallic antique bronze
* Moss Scape – Green with gold pearl
* Painterly – Nude beige
* Rubenesque – Mid tone frosted golden peach with gold and pink pearl

Technakohl Liner

* Antiquity – Rich olive green with green pearl
* Archival – Faded royal blue (LE)
* Foxtail – Metallic plum with red pearl (LE)
* Photogravure – Soft black with brown undertone
* Plank – Chocolate brown with brown pearl
* Steelpoint – Charcoal with silver pearl (LE)


* Large feather Lash Set

These are have been long over due and eagerly anticipated! Shadesticks and regular paints are quite popular among MAC fans so these new paint pots should appeal to the masses! These are not limited edition items and will be added to the general catalog so if your lemming is on you hard and your cash flow might be low you can wait on these for a while as they aren’t going anywhere!

I’m curious if these are replacing the old style paints! But I’m doubtful as these are entirely new colors!

I was lucky enough to snatch one of these early as Nordstrom introduced them during the Novel Twist release. I did a Face of the Day and a short review about the pot I had gotten and it can be found here.

I’m not entirely sure how excited I am about this release! Dare I say I might not even bother heading to the MAC counter to have a peek at the colors!

How about you? Getting any of these?