Pout Shimmer Swirls

Summer is coming to an end but it hasn’t stopped my hardcore lemming for Pout’s Shimmer Swirls!

How yummie are these?

They haven’t yet made their way to our US shores but the UK online shop and stores have them available!

I’ve already begun bugging my very English boyfriend to look for them in his neck of the woods 😉

These are, of course, on the wish list!

  • 8/19/07 18:50 Anonymous:

    Ooh I must have all of these! Are they for face and eyes or just face? They look like they could be great as e/s. Will Sephora.com get these in? Pretty!


  • 8/20/07 0:08 A-Mused:

    hehe :) You can probably use ’em on your eyes too!

    They would be cool as an eyeshadow!

    We’ll probably get them this side of the pond but I’m not entirely sure when!


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