Stashes and Storage

PJ from A Touch of Blusher sent me this fantastic link!

I adore seeing how other people store products and just generally like to see what they have in their stashes! Dunno if this makes me nosy or curious!

This blog has some great pictures of vanities, stashes, and storage! When I view other girls stashes (why does that somehow sound perverted?!) I feel less lonely in my cosmetic ocean (without a life vest)!

  • 8/15/07 21:31 Anonymous:

    Hi Muse- I cannot add a comment on your blog regarding Lush’s hair products. Can you please check, thanks. Also your picture on what Lush’s hair products you have, I saw it once and that was it.

    Please check…


  • 8/15/07 21:40 A-Mused:

    hey there!

    You’re right 😉 I’ll fix that up! You should be able to comment now!

    Hope this helps!


  • 8/15/07 22:06 A-Mused:

    all fixed and answered your comment/questions :)

    Thanks for telling me!


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