Bobbi Brown Metallics Swatches

As requested by a lovely reader. Some swatches from the new Bobbi Brown Metallic Palettes:

Sadly, I don’t think these will be too helpful! My camera doesn’t pick up swatches well on my arm or hand and it doesn’t seem to like them on paper either! I guess it gives you a general idea of the colors but isn’t all that great a help! These are palettes you have to venture into the store to see, touch, and try out for yourself!

Sorry ’bout the crummy swatches 😉 Did my best!

  • 9/5/07 0:32 Anonymous:

    erm, cant really see much from the swatches :)
    will wait for your eotd?


  • 9/5/07 5:25 Haru:

    You need to do EOTD/FOTD pics! Miss seeing those on your blog!


  • 9/5/07 7:18 Karelessly in Love:

    Oh thanks so much for trying.


  • 9/5/07 7:41 A-Mused:

    Sorry guys, I’ll try on my arm, hand! Haru is the queen of good swatches hehe…what’s your secret 😉

    Awww of course I’ll do some EOTD/FOTD! *blush* thanks for liking ’em!



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