MAC Holiday Collections

I hate you MAC.

That is all.

By the very way………

This is just SOME of it! How broke do you feel?

  • 9/17/07 19:21 Anonymous:

    Hi Muse,

    Thanks for the preview of the MAC goodies. You have such a good sense of humour. Between Guerlain and some of the other holiday collections, I am feeling a little more broke than I’d like to.



  • 9/17/07 19:23 A-Mused:


    don’t mention guerlain! Versions of gold spray dance through my head!


    I’m off to sell my soul!

    Hugs Betsy!


  • 9/17/07 19:57 PJ:

    Hello there,

    It is as if the MAC people know what I want for Christmas…except that I need to pay for them myself…

    My hands are shaking and my heart is bleeding…


  • 9/17/07 20:08 Anonymous:

    Hi Muse,

    Thanks for the sneak peek- I’m not the MAC-iest person but that 2nd to the last pic of the e/s palette on the left is calling my name! I see a gorgeous shade of purple. :) The cases to these look interesting. It reminds me of baroque designs and the Juicy Couture crest too.

    Congrats too on joining the Beauty Blog Network! 😉



  • 9/17/07 21:01 Ann the Queen:

    How broke do you feel? < -- Very! On a scale of 10.. I’ll say 12! I love almost everything that is here in this post.


  • 9/18/07 1:53 ?~Erusa~?:

    Hi Sweetie!
    I was wondering…how much are the brushes? I wanna buy some and a pack like these is perfect!
    The cases reminded me of Majolica Majorca!


  • 9/18/07 6:55 Haru:

    I’m not tempted by these at all…phew! MAC’s holiday lip palettes just keep getting smaller and smaller. Just 5 years ago, they put out a palette with 10 shades. Then they kept reducing them until now they only have 3 shades.


  • 9/18/07 7:30 petitez:

    Oh… I just love the small little pouches! Colours of the e/s palettes are so-so. The packing interest me more! 😛


  • 9/18/07 7:37 ~raspy~:

    omg! they are so pretty!!! this time i think this time i’ll have to either sell my kidneys or eat grass……


  • 9/18/07 8:13 A-Mused:

    PJ: LOL My whole body is shaking! I’m pretty excited it all looks very pretty!

    Sarah: Thanks for the congrats love!
    The palettes are all calling to me. Love the design. Someone had mentioned that the general design of the case is identical year to year which is boring but I still want these! I’m enjoying the vintage feel to them!

    Ann: me too me too! hehe!

    haru: I want your mind frame my dear girl! I wish I could say none of it tempts me but I just love the vintage feel of the shadow palettes 😉

    pets: I like the puches this round too! Last year was very elegant, this year I feel they are very usable!

    raspy: I hear grass is tasty hehe! And hey bet I’ll lose weight too!


  • 9/19/07 0:12 ~raspy~:

    haha.. maybe its time for me to learn how to eat grass.. but i love my meat!!!!


  • 9/23/07 17:13 Heather Mary:

    My credit card is screaming right now for dear life!
    Dont know how you catch wind of all this stuff, but I BOW to you oh powerful Muse! *bow*

    LOL your the bestest….my charge card doesnt agree, but no matter, it will be used and abused soon anyhow. LOL


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