Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Agent Provocateur Layout

Love Agent Provocateur. Not sure I love the Maggie Gyllenhaal layout.


Maybe I can’t appreciate these correctly but I’m seeing her as too much of a good girl in these pictures (contrary to how bad she can be). Not that she doesn’t look amazingly beautiful and super classy! I’m just seeing more of “I’m a good girl” in her facial expression. Hell, when you are wearing naughtiness from Agent Provocateur shouldn’t you have the “I’m a very BAD BAD BAD girl” on your face? Maybe it’s not even a good girl expression but more a sorta “who cares” feel too it…mmm…dunno just not doing it for me!

What do you think?


AHA! Maggie brings the “I’m bad” in this picture:

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  • 9/18/07 15:46 Restless Reader:

    I LOVE her makeup in these photos. Any idea which cosmetics line is used?


  • 9/18/07 16:17 A-Mused:

    hey restless 😉

    I LOVE it too and funny you should mention it as I’ve been searching to see what was used to create the look as it’s very classy!

    I’m just not loving her facial expressions in the pics! But aside from that her body is perfect, her face is gorgeous, and overall it’s a very classy layout! Just disappointed by the sort of I’m bored or maybe nervous!? expression!

    If I found out what was used I’ll be sure to post!


  • 9/18/07 17:51 Taryn:

    She reminds me of one of those 20s film stars. I don’t really like the ads though. I bet that lipstick is something very similar to Chanel’s Vamp, maybe lightened up just a bit.

    On a side note, she doesn’t seem very nice IRL. She gives the finger to the paps an awful lot. I understand they’re incredibly annoying and intrusive, but plenty of stars don’t resort to that.


  • 9/18/07 18:33 A-Mused:

    Hey girl!

    Sorta kinda she does. Something is missing but I’m not sure what. Not sure if it’s her facial expression or something else. Maybe she appears too young to pull it off?! I can’t firgure out what bugs me about the layout.

    Overall I think she’s damn talented and an indie princess in regards to fantastic cine.

    I never noticed that she flips the bird to the pap! Hehe. Ow well not so classy I guess 😉


  • 9/20/07 0:16 Anonymous:

    erm give me the victoria secret angels any day over this! :)


  • 9/21/07 0:13 mmu addict:

    I think what’s lacking in the pics is the facial expression– she has none. It looks like a blank page except for the very last pic (the bad girl pic). Her body does look perfect in the ads though.


  • 9/21/07 8:03 Anonymous:

    HMM no I don’t get sexy from these pics at all.


  • 9/23/07 17:03 Heather Mary:

    hahaha i am thinkin the same thing. She lacks…..ummmm an experienced look. LOL If that makes any sense? Almost like, she has never had lingerie on before, or had kinky sex before! LOL Her body has it, but her face screams “huh?” LOL

    Imagine had they gone with someone lke Angelina Jolie! Now THAT would have been smokin!


  • 9/23/07 18:58 makeup loves me:

    hrm. well it’s certainly a little different. i like the first pic quite a bit!


  • 6/3/10 2:46 Jane:

    I have been fascinated by AP products because my brit idol Ms. Amy Winehouse is a huge fan.. and Maggie here, like Amy is not your cookie cutter perfect looking movie star so yes, I do like this pics. I love that maggie has some lines on her face , botox free.. much more lived in and interesting. xo


  • 6/23/11 16:31 ribbonroses:

    Pic 1: FFS she looks like she wasn’t ready to be photographed…
    Pic 2: looks as though she just got tipped out of a bin.
    Pic 3: just plain rubbish!
    Pic 4: cute.
    Pic 5:trying to be demure in a rather raunchy swimsuit???
    Pic 6: Now you’ve got the idea, how about shooting the rest of the photos again? (apart from pic 4, pic 4 is cool)


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