Mr Darcy aka Jonny

Many of you have e-mailed (like 80 e-mails lol), commented, etc….on Mr Darcy aka Jonny 😉

Jonny is fine. He had his appendix burst last week and was rushed to the hospital to have it removed. The Muse was quite distressed (what’s a Muse without a Darcy?) over this as she’s so far away from him but he’s quite alright and out of the hospital. I believe his sole problem during all this drama was the fact that the chips weren’t to his liking at the hospital (He’s a vegetarian and the menu choices were limited from what I understand! But hey when is hospital food, good food, right?) 😉

In all seriousness it was quite an episode and he could have, god forbid, died. After his first surgery they wanted to go in for a second surgery which was terrifying as hell. But luckily his meds set in and the surgery was canceled.

I’m positive he’ll be tickled (or embarrassed) at how many of you expressed concerned over his health! And hey if you’re really nice maybe he’ll offer to show you his scar 😉

Thanks for caring guys!

Many Hugs to all of you!

  • 9/24/07 22:04 Anonymous:

    Hi there!

    I am so glad to hear that your Mr. Darcy is doing fine after the apendix scare! He must be getting well if his biggest complaint was about the chips. :) I wish him a speedy recovery and for you two to live happily ever after! :)



  • 9/25/07 6:14 A-Mused:

    Hi Sarah 😉
    Thanks lovie :)

    He sure is. I’m happy to say he’s doing MUCH better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aw thanks =-)

    Hugs darling!


  • 9/25/07 7:20 petitez:

    Hey dearie! Glad to hear he’s getting better and u sounding more cheery! Take care!



  • 9/26/07 11:22 Anonymous:

    Thankyou for your concern, to all my muses loyal readers (peace up word out) he he x


  • 9/26/07 12:19 A-Mused:


    you’re a nutter 😉


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