The Muse Proudly Joins The Beauty Blog Network

I know I know I know! I already posted this! But I couldn’t resist pushing it to the front as I updated it with a rather cute little pic!

I may just faint, fall over, or pee myself in excitement (hopefully not the last one)!

Elke Von Freudenberg e-mailed me an invitation to join the Beauty Blog Network and I’m so excited I am about ready to squeal!

I personally read a ton of beauty blogs but the general idea of me belonging to a site that promotes Beauty Blogs and Cosmetic Junkies like myself just blows me away! It’s surreal. I personally use the site to find new blogs and now I belong too! Little old me! Holy cow!

Sorry I’m a tad excited here 😉

Either way, yours truly is now a very proud member of the Beauty Blog Network!


Yay me!

Time to Celebrate!

You can view the Muse’s feed at the Beauty Blog network HERE.

HOLY COW L@@K It’s me on the front page (bottom link):

  • 9/11/07 17:10 Taryn:

    Huzzah! Congratulations, Muse! How cool is that?!


  • 9/11/07 17:11 Anonymous:

    Hi Muse,

    Congratulations! Your blog definitely deserves to be a part of the beauty blog network.

    Your Lunasol ruby look is very pretty! It’s a nice soft look. Your minimal look shows your flawless skin to its advantage (you’re very lucky).



  • 9/11/07 17:38 ?~Erusa~?:

    Congrats sweetie!


  • 9/11/07 18:46 jeni:

    Welcome to the Beauty Blog Network!!! I just joined a week or two ago!


  • 9/11/07 18:47 A-Mused:

    thanks taryn :) I’m over the moon! *hug*

    betsy thank you so much! You’re gonna make me cry hehe!

    I appreciate your kind words 😉

    eru! *hug hug* how’s exams?

    Thanks lovie :)


  • 9/11/07 18:50 A-Mused:

    Thanks Jeni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to talking to you!

    Yippeee for us! A week or two ago means you should still be celebrating! We’ll do that together 😉



  • 9/12/07 6:53 Toya:

    Welcome! We’re glad to have you!


  • 9/12/07 7:06 A-Mused:

    hi toya!

    thank you :)

    I read your blog!



  • 9/12/07 9:26 petitez:

    Congrats!!!! U must be super excited and happy!


  • 9/12/07 9:30 Heather Mary:

    WOW!!! That is FANTASTIC! Congrats, u deserve it!!!!!


  • 9/12/07 9:33 A-Mused:

    awwwww thanks heather and serene :)

    Appreciate it guys!

    I’m really EXCITED to be a part of the network 😉


  • 9/16/07 22:47 yummy411:

    welcome to the BBN!


  • 9/17/07 1:43 A-Mused:

    thanks yummy! *hugs*


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