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Some interesting news!

I’ve decided to put together a newsletter :)

If you scroll down the page and look to your right hand side you should see a little box requesting your name and email addy! If you kindly give them to me(No spam, advertising, etc..will be in your box from this) you’ll be subscribed to my newsletter service!

I’m planning on doing a weekly or twice weekly newsletter basically updating about my blog entries, what to expect in future blogs, general chitchat, reviews, the weekend’s steals and deals, etc!

Consider it another way that the Muse is breaking into all forms of media 😉 Next on my list…a forum and a podcast! Oh my! Stay tuned for details!

  • 9/12/07 13:45 Heather Mary:

    WOO HOO!!!! signed up girl!!!


  • 9/12/07 14:17 A-Mused:


    Thanks for signing up Heather 😉



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