T’estimo’s Demise, Coffret D’Or Uprise!

If you’re as much a fan as Japanese cosmetics as I am you’ll know that Kanebo is cutting T’estimo from it’s main line up and replacing it with a new line entitled Coffret D’Or.

I’m mourning T’estimo in a major way! If you’d like a sneak peak at Coffret D’Or do head on over to my good friend Iris’s blog to see some great pics of the new line!

The new line does look interesting enough but I’m still not completely convinced!

Fellow Japanese cosmetics addicts what’s your take?

  • 9/18/07 15:14 Anonymous:

    Hi Muse,

    I can’t believe holiday collections are already upon us! I like the look of the new Coffre D’Or eye palettes. I like the Kanebo lines in general (Lunasol is my fave) and am keeping an open mind on the new one. You did a fab job in recreating the Royal Romp look! You’re so creative! =D



  • 9/18/07 16:20 A-Mused:

    hey bets!

    *hugs* I know! My credit card is gagging! I like the new palettes too but damn will I miss t’estimo! Kamebo definately has some fantastic lines! Hard to say my fav but I’m leaning towards KATE and T’estimo as my top two 😉

    Oh my gosh thanks babe! Appreciate the comment! I tried 😉 It’s such a fun look on the model!



  • 9/18/07 23:49 serene:

    Hm…. Their first line of e/s palettes look abit blah to me! Guess I’m still alittle bias as I really love Testimo!


  • 9/20/07 0:18 Anonymous:

    hmm, somehow the palette looks suspiciously similiar to testimo casing. kinda defeats the purpose of a whole new line?
    but the color combi has contrasting shades rather than graditional shades a la testimo.
    but the combi looks so-so.
    but of coz, gottta test out the texture irl.
    still a new line is always exciting!!


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