Army Green FOTD

A bit of green on a cold October Day!


L@@K! It’s the Muse in her makeup room!

What I Used:
MAC Copperized Pigment
MAC Olive Green Pigment
Bare Escentuals Glimmer in Envy
Bare Escentuals Glimmer in Sunshine
MAC Quick Frost Pigment
MAC Technakohl in Black
Vincent Longo Wet Diamond Eyeshadow in Verite

  • 10/13/07 0:28 petitez:

    Oh boy! 2 new FOTDs! Your eye makeup really matches your clothes! hehehe…. Is there any colour that you can’t carry it off?? Looking sweet as always!


  • 10/13/07 7:08 Anonymous:

    Oh my, loving the green look, Darcy gets prouder and prouder xox


  • 10/13/07 11:30 A-Mused:

    LOL! I want to wear them even when they don’t work hehehe 😉

    I always try to match very weird corny habit of mine 😉

    Aw thanks lovie!

    Appreciate the compliment!


  • 10/13/07 18:35 Anonymous:

    Love your site..very informative..I love to see all the different collections you have.

    But im just curious.. why do you always where matching headbands in your FOTD?? I think you’d look so much better without them.

    Oh BTW I watch your youtube videos (which is how I found your blog) as well and you are so adorable you really shouldn’t worry about showing your face. I think it would add to the appeal of your videos anyway since you seem to have such a fun personality..and who cares what people say? If you feel gorgeous screw them. Just a friendly fyi :)



  • 10/13/07 19:53 A-Mused:

    hello dia!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :) It’s appreciated!

    Thanks for the compliments and support!

    I get asked the headband question tons :) I have rather long wavy hair and I prefer it out of my face while I am working all day. I’d rather not sit and push it back every two seconds. I twist my hair into a bun, slap a headband on and call it a day :) Plus it’s somewhat a part of my personal style I guess.

    My hair is quite full of curls and bounce and all that funky stuff so the headband keeps that nice and tidy :)

    Thanks so much for watching my silly little vids!

    I’ll consider showing my face in a future video!

    I don’t much mind what people so long as it is in the bounds of good taste and not cussing, degrading, or just being plain hurtful!

    Thanks again for the support :)

    Appreciate your kind words!

    Many Hugs!
    Hope you drop by again soon!


  • 10/13/07 20:39 A-Mused:

    glad you like the green Jonny 😉



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