Bath and Body Works Scented Gift Card

Sometimes it’s really difficult to firgure out what to get a special friend in your life or family member and during those hard times I normally reach for a gift card for them!

I think gift cards are brilliant gifts especially when you’re finding it really hard to pick something out that you’ll think they’ll love!

This year Bath and Body Works offers a Twisted Peppermint Scented Gift Card for purchase!

How cool is this?

Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Scented Gift Card

Head into the shop (or online) grab one of these sweet smelling cards and you’ll be all set to make your friend’s (or family member’s) Bath and Body wishes come true!

The Muse is loving the idea of a scented gift card 😉 Especially one that smells like gorgeous Twisted Peppermint!

  • 10/16/07 12:25 Jazmin:

    Hello Izzy! Love this gift card…so cute! I just hope Bath and Body Works wouldn’t take it away if you maxxed it out. Sephora (or at least one of my Sephoras) has an irritating policy on this!

    Sorry I’ve been out of touch…will drop you an e-maily!



  • 10/16/07 12:28 the Muse:


    Hi :) So happy to see you! The Muse loves when the Moxie stops by 😉

    You should have told me you were coming I’d have had the tea and scones ready 😉


    God if I get one I’m going to be sniffing it all day and getting high off the damn thing! Twisted peppermint scented gift card! *swoon* imagine that in your purse all day! You can just stick your head in your bag and inhale during a stressful time 😉 hehehe!

    I’m surprised Sephora takes away your card! They normally ask me if I want it back or shall they toss it!

    That is kinda irritating sheesh!

    That’s ok lovie! We all get busy! I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

    Missed ya 😉

    Talk soon!


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