Bath and Body Works Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Delight

Two new Bath and Body Works Temptation items have popped up on the website! The first of which is entitled Vanilla Ice Cream and it’s not a three in one shower gel this time 😉 It’s a body spray! This is the first time we are seeing any of the Temptation line in the body spray format. This could be good news for the Temptation line!

Reviews on the site are saying that this surprising little body spray isn’t all about Vanilla Ice Cream. It’s is, however, about the entire sundae! Chocolate sauce, ice cream, nuts, cherry, and more await in you in this yummie spray!

If that wasn’t enough you can also slather on some of the new Whipped Delight Shimmer Body Mousse to complete the entire decadent desert sensation!

Both items are up and available at Bath and Body Works site but I am unsure when they’ll be sold in stores. Keep your eyes peeled I imagine it won’t be long before you’ll see these popping up in stores.

Vanilla Ice Cream Body Spray is $8 and Whipped Delight Shimmer Mousse is $12.

The Muse wants to spray herself with Vanilla Ice Cream and top it all off with some Whipped Delight! She’ll most definately be ordering both for her very own!

  • 10/14/07 20:54 Taryn:

    Hey Muse,

    Love the new pic you put up! Your dark hair and curls are gorgeous!

    Don’t these foody scents make you hungry? I swear, every time I read a post about the B&BW, IoE, Cherriflip and some of the BPAL scents, I find myself craving pies, cakes and various baked goods. It’s nuts!

    I may have to pick up that Vanilla Ice Cream spray at the mall on Tuesday…


  • 10/14/07 22:42 Karelessly in Love:

    Wow lucky you! I wish we have B&BW here in Singapore. I would douse myself with lots of whipped cream :p


  • 10/15/07 7:10 the Muse:


    I wish they’d bring one your way too!

    They have some nice stuff!


  • 10/15/07 7:12 the Muse:

    hey taryn :)

    I owe you some messages my friend!

    Awwwwww thanks! I thought it was time for a profile pic change!

    LOL tell me about it! I’m glad there aren’t any calories in these things otherwise we’d be in some serious trouble 😉

    I’m going to look out for at the mall too! I was going to order online but I figure I might as well just head into the store to see if they have it!

    Did you see the scented gift card?

    how cute is that!



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