Benefit’s Miss Popularity

Do you want to be Miss Popularity? Look no further, Benefit has got you covered!

Taken from the Benefit Site:

Turn up your “all that” appeal with miss popularity. All you need is our new precision highlighter in all the right places and you’re “all that” just like that. This soft white shimmering highlighter makes it so easy.

Tips and tricks: miss popularity’s secret lesson for highlighting: For bright eyes… apply to the triangle of the eyes & blend. Perk up your smile… apply to the outer corners of lips & blend. Slimify your nose… apply 3 dots down the middle & blend. To enhance cleavage… apply above your bra line and blend.

Um ya….

Well we already know the story of “That Gal” don’t we? Oh you missed it? Click here and you’ll understand!

I’m a little skeptical of a product that promises to brighten and highlight me after my fiasco with “That Gal” however, I might just give Benefit a second chance to make things right in our relationship!

Anyone interested in this?

  • 10/2/07 13:50 Andrea:

    I really love your blog. Im from Ecuador and many of the products I love dont sell in my country or if they are selling are extemelly expensive. So I buy in internet. I was watching your videos in youtube. and i love Jill Stuart Blushes. Please, is there a website in wich i could buy those products?
    Thank You :)



  • 10/2/07 14:02 cat who got the cream:

    I have such a hit and miss relation with Benefit as well. The last item that I bought was such a miss: I hated the ‘some kind of gorgeous’ because it was too warm for my skintone and it felt like plastic on my skin…


  • 10/2/07 14:04 A-Mused:

    hello andrea!

    We talked before right? Oh gosh I can’t remember *blush*

    Was it just jill stuart you were interested in or something else?

    If you look towards the end of yesterday’s post in regards to Jill Stuart there are two places online you can purchase but both are kinda expensive :( I know of no place selling them cheaper sadly!

    I’m so sorry!

    Good Luck!

    If you have any other items u are seeking let me know and I’ll do my best to help!



  • 10/2/07 14:13 A-Mused:

    hi cat!

    gosh me too. Benefit makes some outstanding products but some are absolutely useless and an utter waste of cash! I was dying to try some kind of gorgeous but after seeing it and testing it on my hand at sephora I was just too scared to go there!

    It seems like stage makeup almost! Very heavy and greasy!

    You’ve saved me some cash because I must say it’s been on my wish list for a while even after testing it on my hand!

    It gets such rave reviews that I thought for sure that I was imagining how it felt on my hand and it must be some wonderful foundation miracle!

    Thanks for stopping by 😉


  • 10/2/07 14:42 Andrea:

    That was my first comment hehe, maybe you talk with other Andrea. :)

    My english is very bad, hope you understand me, because I will be writting to you. You have very nice make up stuff. I ussualy buy on and its good to know more brands you show here that are not too popular.

    Thank you for your answer Ill check the post of jill stuart.

    Very nice blog!

    Andrea :)


  • 10/2/07 15:14 A-Mused:

    hello again andrea :)

    You might be right hehe! Thanks for commenting! I adore hearing from my readers! Your english is great sweetie and I understand you perfectly!

    I buy from too! I’ll be doing a blog soon featuring places you can purchase japanese cosmetics :)

    If you can’t find the Jill Stuart post let me know an I’ll be happy to link you!

    Ask as many questions as you like :) I’ll answer them as best I can!



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