Happy Halloween from This Muse’s House to Yours!

To all my readers here at Musings of a Muse the Muse wishes you a Creepy, Spooky, Happy, and Safe Halloween!

  • 10/31/07 17:16 Vanessa:

    Happy Halloween gorgeous MUSE! Hope you are having some sweets!


  • 10/31/07 23:51 rocketqueen:

    Hooray! Happy Halloween to you too! In Sweden, we don’t celebrate it very much, but I still find it fun.


  • 11/1/07 7:05 the Muse:

    Hello Vanessa!

    Happy Halloween to you too :) I hope you got tons of treats and very little tricks 😉


    Hi rocketqueen!

    It’s my fav Holiday 😉

    It is very fun!



  • 11/2/07 12:06 rocketqueen:

    I should go trick-and-treating at MAC and Swedish store hlns too see if they are generous this year! 😀


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