"I Love Dior" Deluxe Holiday Palette

Wait a second….

The Muse decided to get the keys to her beauty vault and pull out her Dior D’Trick palette to compare it to the new “I Love Dior” Deluxe Holiday Palette. Upon originally seeing the deluxe holiday palette I was racing around in circles in excitement but today I wandered onto Nordstrom to see a close up picture of it and to my shock it appears that the “I Love Dior” palette is the Dior D’Trick palette in new clothes!

Hey stop the train I wanna get off!

This is so not right! How could they crush my desire for this so easily?

What the hell?

Everything looks exactly the same right down to the lipgloss!!!!!!!

I purchased my Dior D’Trick palette from the YesAsia beauty section one year ago sometime in July or August.

Granted stateside we get none of the special bits that Asia and Europe get. I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised that the palette is identical to the D’Trick.

I have to say I actually like the D’Trick’s pretty pink packaging better anyway!

I believe I paid $72 for the D’Trick and I’m curious to see what the “I Love Dior” will cost.

I also have one other palette similar in style that was purchased in a UK airport at a Duty Free shop. That has entirely different colors than these two thankfully.


Maybe I’m wrong but it appears these are one and the same. Which is good news because I have a few dollars extra to add to my growing MAC wish list but it’s also crushingly disappointing as I adore Dior.

Le sigh.

Count the Muse heartbroken!

Back to the vault to stow away the D’Trick palette!

“I Love Dior” Deluxe Holiday Palette as seen on Nordstrom

Dior D’Trick Palette

  • 10/12/07 19:48 PJ:

    Hello A-Mused,

    I think the shades are similar but slightly different. The eyeshadow shades in D’Trick are lighter and the blusher shade is cooler. (There is a bigger photo of the new palette on Kiss And Makeup if you are interested.)

    But, I think the packaging of D’Trick is much better. (I saw this in person some time ago as well.) The “I Love Dior” one looks a bit flimsy when I saw it earlier this week…

    I think you have already got the better one of the two (both for the packaging and the shades)…but I’d love to know what you think when you see the new one…:)


  • 10/12/07 20:03 A-Mused:

    hello you :)

    I think the blush is a bit lighter. at least I hope it is! They just appear so much the same!!!!!!!

    I’ll skip on over and have a look!

    I love the pink on the D’Trick and it’s quite sturdy. It’s not leather however, that’d be heaps nicer in my opinion. It’s sort a flimsy cloth covering.

    It seems the eyeshadows are almost identical but in different spots on the palette. At least they look the same to me.

    Gloss and mascara the same and of course powder.

    I guess I don’t need it but you know I’ll still consider it and want it 😉



  • 10/13/07 21:07 luckyprettyeyes:

    careful, idk if you’ve heard but dior as well as other brands have lead in their lipsticks, a very unsafe amount, too!


  • 10/13/07 21:42 A-Mused:

    ya I know!

    EEP scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for the heads up 😉


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