Lavshuca Liquid Rouge

Kanebo’s site has been updated and they added the newest gloss to the Lavshuca lineup which is entitled Liquid Rouge.

Let’s hope this is a bit better than the Color Conc Rouge you can see my review on the Color Conc Rouge by clicking here.

I think we have a very good chance of this being a very good gloss! The applicator has a sponge which is an improvement over pass glosses released by Lavshuca and the colors look very wearable.

The glosses are 1050yen (about $9 USD) each and are available sometime in November.

Click here to visit Rouge Deluxe for further information and all the color choices for these glosses!

Wish list anyone?

  • 10/18/07 17:45 PJ:

    Hello there!

    I think at the moment, PK1, PK3, and RS1 look good. The packaging looks very cute as well (as always from Lavshuca…).

    I think I will probably get two shades. We’ll see! :)


  • 10/18/07 18:29 the Muse:

    hey there 😉

    I’m loving the packaging too!

    I’m going to go with a few myself!

    I like the look of RS1 too 😉


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