Lorac Perfectly Pink Blush

It appears Lorac has a new blush out but I think it might be exclusive to QVC?

Lorac Perfectly Pink Blush as seen on QVC

Wander over to QVC and punch in item number A74612 and you can see this interesting little blush for yourself.

I’m kinda leaning towards wanting this because it reminds me of Benefit’s Dandelion which I really adore.

I find that Lorac cosmetics are pretty pigmented so I’m curious to see if this blush is equally pigmented and gives me the Perfectly Pink look that it promises!

The Muse shall investigate further and let you know 😉

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  • 10/25/07 12:06 cuttibebe:

    I think this blush would look great on you, since you are on the fair side. But I’m not impressed with it and I hate blushes that comes with that flat brush. maybe I just don’t know how to use them, but it’s completely useless to me.

    Nessasary Makeup will be added on to my daily obsession. Love reading Asian girls talking about makeup. thanks muse~ =P


  • 10/25/07 12:32 the Muse:

    hey steph :)
    whatcha doing 😉

    Procrastinating at work like me? hehe!

    Thanks for the comment! I’m not really that fair skinned. I’m medium body wise, bit tanned and my face, happily, is quite fair but that also has to do with me using my very secret lightening up tricks hehe 😉

    I actually kinda like these brushes they make application really simple when I’m in a hurry!

    but they are kinda rough and hard on the face if that makes sense 😉

    Oh gosh I’m loving that blog! I love her FOTDS as well!!!!!!!!!!

    I confess I adore reading Asian girl’s blogs as they are so knowledgeable about application, cosmetics, etc! Count me a cozy junkie! I just lurk and read constantly 😉


  • 10/28/07 1:11 serene:

    Oh its all so pink and sweet! How much is it? Benefit’s blushers cost S$60 if I’m not wrong! I do feel its alittle expensive for blushers… I want to know! Review please!!! :)


  • 10/28/07 18:37 the Muse:

    Hey Serene :)

    It’s $25USD.

    Benefit here costs $25USD per bottle I believe!

    I will most definately review it! I ordered it a few days ago 😉


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