Lunasol Geminate Eyes Sapphire Palette FOTD

A really quickie FOTD using the Lunasol Geminate Eyes Sapphire Palette FOTD 😉

You can see my review on the palettes with another FOTD by clicking here and you can view information, product photos, and first impressions on the palettes by clicking here.

This isn’t the best look as I did it very quickly but I must say I really love the Sapphire palette! It could be a favorite!

(Excuse the fall out on my face! I had a b*tch of a time cleaning up my fall out and I was rushing so it came out a bit messy to say the least!)

What I Used:
MJ Mascara in Splashing Blue
Lunasol Geminate Eyes Sapphire Palette
MAC Technakohl in Black
Mac Technakohl in Auto-de-blu

  • 10/28/07 19:15 Angelique:


    Well, thanks to my back, which is made of FAIL, I’ve been outta commission for a while now as you’ve probably noticed.

    But! since I’m doing a little better hopefully I’ll be able to read your blog again and ramble at you again.

    Now! I LOVE this FOTD. The blue and pink looks beautiful against your skin. And it just boggles the hell out of me how you’re always able to match your clothes to the shade of makeup that you’re wearing. I’m…not so good at that. I usually just wear whatever the hell I feel like and if my makeup matches that’s good but if not, I don’t exactly worry about it.

    Anyhow! Since I’m probably not going to be up for very much longer, I’m gonna comment on the MAC Antiquitease (GOD I HATE THAT NAME) palettes.

    The only palette I like is the Cool Eyes Palette. It matches my skintone perfectly. But the rest of those palettes? Holy shit, they’re basically clones of all of Formal Black’s palettes! It’s all rather insulting. It’s like MAC spent all their time and money on designing the palettes and then just threw last year’s shades, maybe lightened or darkened a bit, into ’em. Insulting.

    Bitches need to step up to the challenge, dammit!

    well I’m gonna go. Hopefully I’ll be around more soon!

    Hugs m’dear!


  • 10/28/07 20:09 Tandi:

    Oooooh…I have the exact same shirt,lol!!!


  • 10/29/07 7:22 the Muse:

    LOL tandi! see we have PERFECT taste darling!



  • 10/29/07 7:26 the Muse:

    Morning Angelique…

    Aw sorry to hear about your back :(

    Hehe :) You missed a ton 😉

    I’m glad you like the FOTD :) LOL it’s all my hidden talented that allows me to match so well either that or my geeky nature :) (or you can chalk it up to how anal I am)!

    The palettes are very much a clone of last year minus the boldness, shimmery, vibrancy of Formal Black!

    Hopefully next year we get something more wonderful! Ow well!

    Feel better soon! Hugs to you!


  • 10/29/07 7:55 petitez:

    I really like this FOTD! Suits you! :)


  • 10/29/07 8:06 the Muse:

    thanks serene *mwah*


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