MAC Antiquitease Color Shopping Spree!

The Muse shall take herself to the mall this evening to purchase her lot of Antiquitease and McQueen 😉

I’m going to try to practice being good and only getting what I’ll need (how many times have I told myself this?).

I’ll be posting the pictures, first impressions, and possibly a video (do you want a video?) later tonight!

Stay tuned!

  • 10/19/07 10:16 petitez:

    What did you get from McQueen? Waiting anxiously to see your haul! I think its out over here but I’ve been to busy to check if it’s really here. Do tell which are the misses and hits! :)


  • 10/21/07 2:40 petitez:

    Oh Izzy, I saw the Mcqueen collection yesterday. Didn’t really interest me at all! I was excited about the e/s but when I swatched them, they look ‘off’ on me. Definitely not colours I can pull off! Once again the swatches on the MAC website has deceived me! Nearly bought Jealous and Black Karat but I stopped as I think the colours are abit too common. :(

    Oh! I popped by Stila and bought Mandarin mist baked eye shadow trio instead. :)


  • 10/21/07 10:02 the Muse:

    hey serene.

    They look a tad chalky! I’m still wanting them but I am also wanting the palettes next week so I’m in high debate at the moment 😉

    Yay! Nice haul on the Stila :) those baked shadows look awesome!

    You have to tell me how they are as I haven’t tried ’em yet!



  • 10/23/07 6:07 petitez:

    I’m glad to report that I love it!!! :) Really silky and pigmented. The colours are so me! hehehe… We gotta arrange a time to chat. It’ll be so much easier…. :)


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