MAC Antiquitease Color Shopping Spree!

The Muse shall take herself to the mall this evening to purchase her lot of Antiquitease and McQueen icon wink

I’m going to try to practice being good and only getting what I’ll need (how many times have I told myself this?).

I’ll be posting the pictures, first impressions, and possibly a video (do you want a video?) later tonight!

Stay tuned!

  • 10/19/07 10:16 petitez:

    What did you get from McQueen? Waiting anxiously to see your haul! I think its out over here but I’ve been to busy to check if it’s really here. Do tell which are the misses and hits! :)


  • 10/21/07 2:40 petitez:

    Oh Izzy, I saw the Mcqueen collection yesterday. Didn’t really interest me at all! I was excited about the e/s but when I swatched them, they look ‘off’ on me. Definitely not colours I can pull off! Once again the swatches on the MAC website has deceived me! Nearly bought Jealous and Black Karat but I stopped as I think the colours are abit too common. :(

    Oh! I popped by Stila and bought Mandarin mist baked eye shadow trio instead. :)


  • 10/21/07 10:02 the Muse:

    hey serene.

    They look a tad chalky! I’m still wanting them but I am also wanting the palettes next week so I’m in high debate at the moment ;)

    Yay! Nice haul on the Stila :) those baked shadows look awesome!

    You have to tell me how they are as I haven’t tried ‘em yet!



  • 10/23/07 6:07 petitez:

    I’m glad to report that I love it!!! :) Really silky and pigmented. The colours are so me! hehehe… We gotta arrange a time to chat. It’ll be so much easier…. :)


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