MAD Minerals FOTD and A Bit of Cam Whoring!

The Muse is quite the cam whore today! She couldn’t help herself! After using her new MAD Minerals she felt so glamorous that she couldn’t stop clicking picture after picture to show you how WOWZER her eyes came out!

What do you think?

After work and my eyes are still crackling away!

You may remember our guest Face of the Dayer Julie from a few days ago! She had done this AMAZING purple look that the Muse fell in lust with! After seeing it I ran (I never walk when cosmetics are around) over to the MAD Minerals website and immediately placed an order for the exact same colors that Julie used on her eyes!

So I’m mighty impressed with these piggies I picked up at MAD Minerals. For one thing they are cheap as day old chips with great pigment and fantastic hold through the day into the evening. Another fantastic thing is their catalog is pretty darn huge and they have an array of colors to suit any mood or taste!

1/4 tsp. Sample Jar is $2.25 and believe me a little goes a long way so that small amount will last you ages!

The texture of these is very weird because inside the jar they appear thin and almost transparent but as soon as you apply you’ll notice right away the color pay off they pack is pretty huge!

The company sells larger sizes if you’re loving a particular color, I personally just brought some sample size jars.

I ended up buying all the colors Julie used and they also threw in three sample jars which was very generous!

They shipped these within a day and I had them within two days or so! Very fast turnaround time!

Overall it’s worth a look at and the Muse deems it fit for purchase!

A special thanks to Julie who’s enabled me to the wonders of these pigments!

If you’re wanting these at the moment Barbi from MAD Minerals informs me that they are going to do a Halloween Sale shortly with 20% off the entire site!

Off to make my list of goodies I want!

  • 10/17/07 21:48 Angelique:


    ….blogger just erased my comment.


    …okay since I can’t sit up and type here for very much longer, basically the gist of my original comment was:

    1. Muse you so pretty! Violet and purple look great on you!

    2. Hey, you like Shu’s Gloss Lacquer in Radical Fuchsia too! Only it looks better on you because you’ve got light skin and I don’t.

    3. Thank you for alerting us all to MAD Minerals! Can’t wait to start buying because MAC never seems to put out pigments in colors that I like and Houston doesn’t have a PRO store here because we suck.

    Have a good evening m’dear! And I’m sorry I comment so much– for once in my life I actually have a lot to talk about.



  • 10/18/07 5:48 Anonymous:

    hi love, hey im the first one to comment, darcy here!! looking beautiful as ever xoxoxoxxoxox


  • 10/18/07 6:02 Anonymous:

    Hi Muse,

    Purples do make brown eyes pop! I like that you always coordinate your outfits with your eye makeup.

    I may have to look into the MAD Minerals now too…

    Hugs & Cheers!


  • 10/18/07 7:06 the Muse:

    Good morning lovie!

    How are you today?

    Thanks! I look a tad on the goofy side but what the heck!

    I fear I’m a compulsive matcher 😉 hehe!

    Wait till the sale! 20% off wahoo!

    Love ya!


  • 10/18/07 7:28 the Muse:

    Hey Angelique 😉

    Freaking blogger does the same to me hehe!

    Hope you’re feeling good today :)

    Aw thanks sweetie. The purple was loud but I was kinda loving it!

    I LOVE the shu lacquer! Damn I wish they’d do more colors :)

    I’m actually medium skin! I find if I stain my lips prior it looks much better. If I apply without a stain it looks kinda clownish 😉

    MAC puts out nice piggies but not such a wide array!!!!! You can order from my pro store and they’ll ship it to you 😉 $7 ups shipping :) So that’s an option! But hey why do that when you can get these minerals for $2.25! hehe!

    Thanks for your comments! I enjoy ’em!

    Oh my gosh don’t ever apoligize for commenting! I love all of them :) We have tons to talk about so by all means comment away :)

    Hugs my dear!


  • 10/18/07 7:34 petitez:

    Hi hi! You’re really in a cam whoring mood! 😉 Mad Mineral piggies seem really good as they’re still showing on your eyes at the end of the day!



  • 10/18/07 7:43 the Muse:

    lol hey serene I got a bit snap happy with my camera 😉

    My foundation and blush needed a touch up but the piggies were still going strong at the end of the day 😉

    Plus of course, UDDP helped as well hehehe!


  • 10/18/07 8:12 the Muse:

    Jonny you’re blind as always 😉

    And it looks Angelique beat you to first post 😉



  • 10/18/07 9:10 atiyah9369:

    I love how your headbands always match your outfits and make-up LOL!!


  • 10/18/07 9:31 the Muse:

    thanks atiyah :)

    It’s my corny sense of style 😉



  • 10/24/07 10:04 Sminkan:

    Well, looking at this FOTD the other day made me stop by the MAD Minerals site. I have now placed two orders. Yes, two, I couldn’t stop at one… It is your fault and I am grateful to you! 😉


  • 10/24/07 10:07 the Muse:

    hello sminkan :)

    Thank you so much for the comment!

    Aw I’m glad you ordered! Maybe you can do a guest FOTD for us using your new MAD Minerals 😉

    Do let me know how you like them when you get your orders!

    I hope you took advantage of the sale they are having 😉

    Many thanks for the visit and the comment! I’m flattered that my FOTD made you buy them 😉


  • 10/25/07 2:25 Sminkan/Ann:

    Oh, believe me, your FoTD’s will make me buy lots of new make up. I just found your blog and already I find you a source of inspiration!

    I got the discount and I will tell you what I think about the products as soon as I get them. I guess it will take a few weeks.


  • 10/25/07 7:26 the Muse:

    Hello again Sminkan!

    Oh my gosh thanks :) Utterly flattered that you’ve been inspired my little old me!

    I’m looking forward to chatting with you some more :)

    I can’t wait to hear what you think of the minerals when you get them!

    Maybe you’ll do a guest FOTD for us!

    They ship very FAST! Unless you’re in europe/asia. That might be 7-14 days :(

    Thanks again for your comments :) Appreciate your reading my little blog!



  • 11/5/07 14:52 Ann/Sminkan:

    Hi again!

    Got my MAD Mineral pigments yesterday and have tried some of them yesterday and today. They seem very good and easy to work with! Thank you so much for giving me the tip here in your blog! You are amazing! I wish I could put a picture in the comment to show you,, but I can’t. I have a couple of EoTD’s in my blog if you are interested. They aren’t all that interesting though, I have a cold so I am a bit uninspired.

    Thank you again for giving me a lot of good advice and fun reading!


  • 11/6/07 8:20 the Muse:

    Hi Ann!

    YAY! They blend quite well in my opinion :) I’m so glad you are pleased!

    You’re most welcome but I didn’t do anything hehehe!

    You can email me the picture if you want and I can feature you on the blog as a guest fotd :)

    Aw sorry to hear about your cold! It sure is the time of the year for flus and colds :( feel better soon!

    I’m so pleased you love the blog :) Do comment anytime and let me know what you’re loving or not liking at the moment! Readers opinions are super important to me :)


  • 3/7/08 17:56 Anonymous:

    Hello.. I’m new to your blog, and I’m LOVING IT!!! CONGRATS!! Have you tried other colors from MAD minerals

    I know its been a while since you posted this blog, they have great colors and wanted to place an order for samples and dont know what to get.. aww!!


  • 3/10/08 8:07 the Muse:

    hi Anonymous!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so very much! I’m so happy you are loving my blog 😉

    I have indeed tried quite a few colors 😉 They are fab!

    What colors do you normally like? Golds? Purples? What looks do you prefer? Bold, Vibrant, Natural?

    Let me know and I can rec some colors if you like 😉


  • 3/14/08 9:26 Anonymous:

    Hello Muse!! Sorry it took me so long to comment back but i’ve been pretty busy..

    btw…. My name is Mariana..

    I have my everyday look, Neutral, but on special occations I like to go for the bold, smokey eye look.



  • 3/16/08 17:55 the Muse:

    no prob at all mariana :) I understand!

    Good to meet you!

    They have quite alot of very nice neutral shades at MAD :)

    I like smokey looks myself on occasion!

    Thanks so much *hugs*


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