The Muse Makes an Appearance on Lilta’s MMU Blog

Lilta’s blog is about mineral makeup and is quite interesting! She features and blogs about inexpensive brands of mineral makeup that she likes and has tried (some of which I am now wanting to try).

She does a daily entry of her FOTD and what she’s used to create her looks!

I was pleasantly surprised that she blogged about me in her daily blog! I’m mostly a MAC girl as Lily says in her blog :) but I’m enjoying her blog so much that I’ve decided I’ll be doing more FOTD’s using minerals! I have so many glimmers, shadows, etc…from BE plus a ton of etailer brand minerals that I don’t use nearly enough!

So..Lily..count the muse inspired by your lovely post about my looks and I aim to do more mineral looks in the future!

Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!

Visit with Lily at Lilta’s MMU Blog.

  • 10/22/07 1:47 Anonymous:

    Oh I didn’t expect you to blog about MY blog after I blogged about yours!!! Thank you for the nice words. :) Looking forward to your FOTDs! – Lili


  • 10/22/07 6:59 the Muse:

    😉 hehe!

    I was enjoying your blog and couldn’t resist :)

    FOTD’s to come for sure!!!!!!!! =)


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