Neil Gaiman Blogs About Lush

What’s more exciting than Lush?

Well…Neil Gaiman….THEE Neil Gaiman blogging about Lush is pretty freaking brilliant in the Muse’s opinion 😉

Check out his blog and what he has to say about Lush! Click here to view it.

Does it strike anyone as hysterical that Neil Gaiman actually takes bathes to unwind? You’d think a brilliant mind like that was more of a shower person 😉

The Muse approves Neil! She was your fan before but now she’s a bigger fan finding out that you’re bathing in Lush!

Do you think he sits propped up in the tub reading one of his own novels while bathing in masses of Lush bubbles?

My curious mind wants to know!

  • 10/14/07 20:20 Lydia:

    Ha! That’s great! Lush is amazing and so is Neil Gaiman. That’s a good duo. :)


  • 10/14/07 20:23 the Muse:

    hi lydia :)

    Agreed! A dynamite duo!

    Maybe I can convince him to share that bath 😉


    No seriously I thought that was a rather funky blog he did and it really made me grin!

    I love reading his blog but when I came across that today I was smiling rather big!


    Thanks for the comment! Nice to have a fellow Gaiman fan onboard!


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