Nordstrom Exclusive: MAC Keepsake

A most gorgeous friend and reader of Musings of a Muse has pictures up of her latest haul!

Check out Stephanie’s blog by clicking here to view her haul!

She has up pictures from the Nordstrom MAC Exclusive that I didn’t get! I have Shimmertime pigment and the Softsparkle Pencil already which was why I didn’t purchase this set but now seeing Steph’s pictures I’m wanting this set!

You can also see the rest of her Holiday haul :)

Good purchases Steph! Thanks for sharing with us and the Muse can’t be held responsible if a ton of people want to kidnap Daisy after seeing her on your blog 😉

  • 10/29/07 11:12 cuttibebe:

    Hey muse, what a great mid-day pick-me-upper. thanks for including my little beauty blog attempt on your site. I really appreciate it.

    I am thinking of dedicating the blog to mostly beauty products, though, i’d still include some personal posts.

    thanks muse!!! for give me the courage to go on and write about what i love. seriously, beauty blogs have made me realize I’M NOT THE ONLY CRAZY ONE OUT THERE!.. lol.


  • 10/29/07 11:48 the Muse:

    Hello my dear :)

    I loved the entry and the pics were fantastic! I couldn’t not show the world 😉

    I think personal posts are awesome and always add extra flavor to a beauty blog! I love when Erika’s daughter, Bree, at Makeup Bag, does her little posts! It’s so personal and friendly 😉

    LOL! Of course not! There are tons of wack jobs like myself around that adore cosmetics 😉 hehehe! Join the dark side we have cookies 😉

    I also did a Bath on a Budget post for you :) I know we discussed cheaper options for bath bombs and this seemed a good excuse to do one after trying fantasy bath out!




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