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Philosophy’s Sugar Plum Fairy Scrub

Oh my!

After telling you all about the virtues of Philosophy’s Sugar Plum Fairy in a previous post I’m excited to tell you that the line has been extended to a salt scrub!

Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy Body Scrub


This scurb is a Nordstrom Exclusive and available for purchase now! The scrub is $25 which is a good deal as they are heavy duty jars full of yummie scrub to make your rough bits nice and soft!

I just purchased Senorita Margarita scrub for a dear friend as a gift and this I believe would make a very nice Christmas pressie if she ends up loving the scrub!

You can purchase your Sugar Plum Fairy by clicking your way over to Nordies! It’s in the Muse’s cart already!


Sephora Enchanted Eye Palettes

I’m doodling around making my wish list for the Sephora Friends and Family Event and I think I’m kinda sorta wanting the new Sephora Enchanted Eye Palettes.

Sephora Purple Enchanted Eye Palette as seen on

Sephora Gold Enchanted Eye Palette as seen on

These are $26 each and include eight different textured shades of shadow (most shimmer! Yay the Muse loves her shimmery shadows!) in a slick compact. Two color options are available for these and they are Gold and Purple.

After discount they’ll be about $21 so not a bad deal eh?

I had mentioned these in my previous post and they hadn’t been listed on site yet but they are up and now available for sale 😉

Count the Muse curious about these little palettes!

Want ’em? Need ’em? Waste of Money?
Tell the Muse all about it!


Esprique Precious Illuminate Nuancer Review

One of favorite companies, Kose, has some great brand branch offs that I adore. Kose, like Kanebo, is made up of several companies that make some wonderful high end cosmetics.

Some of these companies you may be familiar with they consist of Visee, Fasio, Beaute de Kose and one that I’ll be discussing today, Esprique Precious.

Esprique Precious has a great line up of various cosmetic items and the one I’ll be reviewing today is the Esprique Precious Illuminate Nuancer Pearls.

These pearls quite remind me of Guerlain’s Meteorites at a fraction of the cost. These come in two color variations 01 and 02. 01 is the color I have and I’m currently wanting 02. 01 is a sheer, shimmering, iridescent powder while 02 appears to have a bit of color to it and almost a bronze look!

The brush the pearls come with is very soft and full and it offers a nice area of coverage on your cheekbones and face when applying plus no shedding which is a pet peeve of mine 😉

I give these quite a good, solid review and recommendation they work fantastic at lightening up your face and giving a soft, dewy glow after blush application or you can always use these on a fresh bare face for a bit of a soft, light to your cheeks!

When you run the brush across these you don’t pick up a ton of powder which pleases me as I hate the messy application I sometimes run into when using Meteorites and the loads of powder one stroke of my brush comes up with! With the Illuminate Nuancer pearls I end up with a very fine layer of powder that I can stroke on gently and not end up with tons of fall out!

If you’re fair skinned these will work wonderfully at making your cheeks glow, if you’re medium skin they will give your skin a dewy look, and I assume if you’re a bit of a dark skin tone you’d notice a bit of a shine to your face (a nice shine).

The shimmer isn’t insane in this powder so no worries about looking like you have a ton of glitter on your face. It’s just a very fine shimmer that all mixes well with the iridescence of the powder to create a glowing look!

I personally use mine as a sort of finishing powder to complete a look. After blush application I apply a quick stroke or two of this and I’m looking pretty and bright! It does a good job of waking my face up and I like to stroke some under my eyes which makes me look like I had quite a few hours of sleep when in reality I haven’t!

For the life of me I can’t remember where I purchased these. It could be JpMon! But I will give you a rundown where you can purchase them!

Adam Beauty has these in both colors for $29 plus reasonable shippings costs.
JPmon has these for $36 plus shipping costs.

These have become a must have in my morning makeup routine! I recommend grabbing some for yourself and giving them a whirl! They are most definitely Muse approved!


Sephora Friends and Family Discount Rumors

Hello Pretties.

Just a little update on the Friends and Family front.

From what I am seeing the sale may begin November 3rd and the discount code might be FF2007.

These are all rumors of course so we’ll have to see!

I’ll keep you posted with details as I see/hear them!


Sephora Holiday Catalog 2007

It’s official. The Sephora Holiday Catalog 2007 is Live and Ready for your viewing pleasure on!

I collect the Holiday catalogs from year to year and I’m happy to say that the cover model is gorgeous this year! I’m liking the “fairy tale”, “enchanted” theme! Last year’s Carnival didn’t thrill me so I’m quite happy to say that this year’s cover is fabulous and the entire theme sounds great!

Sephora Holiday Catalog 2007

Inside is just as good with bold, vibrant eye looks in a wonderful array of ultra awesome color!

A few items that caught my eye:

Urban Decay Flavored Body Powders….wow how retro! I loved these when they first came out but I think they may past their sell by date! Don’t get me wrong I adore these and use them in looks all the time but the general idea of repromoting them in the Sephora Holiday Catalog makes me scratch my head slightly!

Check out page 18-19

Flipping through I’m seeing a trend of repromoting older items such as Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow on pages 2-3…hmm how boring.

Sephora’s new bath line mmm…’d think by now that they’d have gotten this right! Aren’t these the same exact bottles we had ages ago? Again another vintage tale of woe! I remember these going for like 99% off after the Holiday one year! Oh Sephora please just stop with the Bath items!

Check out page 24-25

The White Croc Pop Up Brush Set at $45 looks quite interesting as does the Sephora Prestige Brush Set at $150 (Looks like quite a haul of brushes for the price).

Check out page 36-37

I see a Sephora Holiday palette in purple on page 14-15 this could make the wish list! Hmmm….

Sephora’s Color Eye Palette $26 (Purple Compact)

The Muse thinks they did a great job with the catalog. The looks are gorgeous, the theme sounds fantastic, and the layout looks very nice! However, the products and gifts inside fail to wow me which is good and bad. Good as it saves me money for more Japanese Holiday Collections. Bad because it’s been so very long since a Sephora Catalog has had me jumping around in circles! Keep in mind some of the items in the catalog are not yet live on the website so if you’re planning on ordering wait for at least 24-48 hours while they update! I’ve noticed a few items such as the Prestige Brush Collection and the Sephora Holiday Palette are not yet available for purchase!

Oh well! Money saved!

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