Philosophy’s Sugar Plum Fairy Scrub

Oh my!

After telling you all about the virtues of Philosophy’s Sugar Plum Fairy in a previous post I’m excited to tell you that the line has been extended to a salt scrub!

Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy Body Scrub


This scurb is a Nordstrom Exclusive and available for purchase now! The scrub is $25 which is a good deal as they are heavy duty jars full of yummie scrub to make your rough bits nice and soft!

I just purchased Senorita Margarita scrub for a dear friend as a gift and this I believe would make a very nice Christmas pressie if she ends up loving the scrub!

You can purchase your Sugar Plum Fairy by clicking your way over to Nordies! It’s in the Muse’s cart already!

  • 11/11/07 13:18 rocketqueen:

    This is just such a goodie little scrubbie! The color is to die for and I’m sure that the scent is as well! You always manage to find those extra yummie things. Go Musey!


  • 11/12/07 11:31 the Muse:

    hehe :)
    your Muse sneaks in all the yummie bits just for you guys 😉

    This is a great scent! Very sweet and fruity 😉

    I love fruity/sweet scents!


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