Rushed Red FOTD

Another late morning for me and a sloppy makeup job 😉

I went a bit retro with my wardrobe this morning and slapped on some really kitchy accessories (You should have seen my vintage red pumps…I’m fabulous aren’t I? NOT!).

Here’s you go a very rushed red FOTD:

What I Used (Everything and the Kitchen Sink):
MAC Rose Pigment
MAC Mineral Eyeshadow in Lovestone
MAC Frost Pigment
MAC Ruby Red Pigment
Bare Escentuals Glimpse in Hotspot
Bare Escentuals Glimmer in Cerveza
MJ Jeweling Pencil in RD505
MAC Technakohl in Black
MJ Lash Expander Mascara

  • 10/10/07 23:21 Anonymous:

    majolica mascara is veyr hard to remove?


  • 10/11/07 4:32 Anonymous:

    I think you look truly beautiful today, and im a lucky man


  • 10/11/07 7:06 A-Mused:

    Umm..good question. No I don’t find it hard to remove. Good oil base remover works a treat.

    If you’re sensitive or have weak lashes I don’t recommend the mascara b/c it might break off your lashes.

    But if you have nice full lashes I’d say grab it because with a little scrubbing it comes right off!


  • 10/11/07 7:27 A-Mused:

    blind as a bat as always jonny 😉



  • 10/12/07 8:25 petitez:

    Hey! :) You look really sweet and cute here! Red as a cheery cherry. You look better with your hair down. My fav is the second last picture! Keep those FOTD coming!!!!



  • 10/12/07 8:30 A-Mused:

    hey girlie :)

    Thanks :) You’re sweet!

    I have more very soon :)

    Today’s is funky! Copperclast and a paint pot look!

    Will post soon!


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