theBalm: Balm Shell Lipgloss

Remember those moving pens from yesteryear?

I live in New York thus I am overexposed to crazy sovereigns of all kinds. Statue of Liberty keychains, I Love New York T-Shirts, Empire State Building figures, and of course the moving pen.

Now if you’ve never seen a moving pen let me elaborate further. Basically it’s a regular everyday pen but the upper part would have some sort of scene. In my case it’d be a scene of New York and a taxi. The taxi part of the scene would move up and down the pen as you flipped the pen upside down to right side up!

Brilliant right?

A moving screwdriver pen with a truck that moves back and fourth:

Fascinating isn’t it?

Oh you wanted to know what the hell this has to do with cosmetics didn’t you?

Sorry about that 😉

theBalm has decided to nick the idea of the moving pen and use it on their new lipglosses called Balm Shell.

Each gloss has a different girly fun scene such as a day at the beach, a day shopping, etc..etc.. The moving illustration is unique to each shade and story line within the glosses little handle!

When the lip-gloss is finished, the handle can be unattached and used as a keychain!

Fun Fun!

The Muse wants some of these just for the cute factor alone!

Each gloss is $22 each and comes with the keyring.

  • 4/15/08 20:16 Anonymous:

    This line isn’t from theBalm, but from a Canadian brand called Balmshell.


  • 4/16/08 12:53 the Muse:

    well duh :)

    I just noticed that.

    Thanks anonymous :)

    Sorry ’bout that 😉

    That’s what I get for blogging early in the AM!



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