Your Specktra Product Muse Presents: Awake Stardom Eyegloss Review

Hello Pretties!

My very first review is up and available for your viewing pleasure at Specktra Blog!


Have a look and tell me whatcha think! Click!

  • 10/31/07 23:59 rocketqueen:

    You really are a great reviewer! Easy to understand, written at ease, lovely pics as well. Love it!


  • 11/1/07 5:35 petitez:

    Read your review! :) I know this is abit OTT but do you own any Awake palettes?


  • 11/1/07 7:11 the Muse:

    ‘ello rocketqueen!

    Thanks sweetie! You’re awesome *blush* Glad you liked it!

    Hey Serene!

    I do not own a single one actually. I was getting two as a CP for a friend this week from Neiman’s so I’ll post some pics of those if she lets me :) They are pretty cheap and almost in running in price with
    Japan at $38USD!



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