Awake Limited Edition Stardom Holiday Collection

The Muse has a coven of little elves to help her locate exciting goodies for you! So you might want to give a special thanks to the Muse’s mate and reader, Betsy, for locating this gorgeous little fine!

It appears you won’t need to stalk Japanese websites or beg friends to get you Awake’s Limited Edition Stardom Holiday Collection because Betsy has kindly pointed out that your local Neiman Marcus has it available for a mere $50 (Betsy also kindly pointed out you can nab it with Free Shipping by using coupon code WINTER). Have we told Betsy how much we love her for this?

Awake Limited Edition Stardom Holiday Collection as seen on Neiman Marcus

This set includes Mascara, Dimensional Eye Color in Love Light and Angel Wing, Face Powder in Champagne Glow, Lip Gloss in Fairly Pink, and Nail Varnish in Magnetic Violet Sheer and let’s not forget it comes all wrapped up in a cute red awake box!

Want it?
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Thanks again to Betsy for filling the Muse’s Christmas Wish List with dreams of the Awake Holiday Set!

  • 11/15/07 2:19 Sarah:

    Hi Muse-y,

    Betsy is right on with this- this set if quite the nifty find! :p I have waaayyy too many lemmings between knowing her and you. 😉



  • 11/15/07 7:56 the Muse:

    hehe we love to create lemmings for you lovie =)

    This is quite a great fine!

    I didn’t think this would be out and available stateside!

    I’m debating on getting it =)


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