Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres New Colors

Since we are on the topic of Bourjois Paris might I introduce you to a few new shades of their eyeshadows that are jawdropping!

I LOVE these with a passion! The colors are very bold and dramatic for Bourjois Paris and I’m really wanting these!

Noir Emeraude

Noir Precieux

Noir Cobalt

A few lighter shades have been released as well in various golds, roses, and whites but these three colors really popped out at me especially that deep emerald black green! WOW!

Want ’em!
Wish List for your Muse!

  • 11/26/07 16:36 nilla cookie:

    ack! This is totally fueling my growing obsession with green eyeshadow! Plus, I love Bourjois’ eyeshadows when used wet :)


  • 11/26/07 18:30 the Muse:

    LOL!!!!! I love green too!
    This is so dark and yum! oh my god need it!

    I do too! They make some nice shadows that don’t get enough love!


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