Duwop Pretty Mystic Limited Edition Palette

Your Muse spends alot of time searching around for new and exciting make-up bits for you and she’s found something quite sweet this time!

The Duwop Pretty Mystic Palette as seen on Beauty.com:

This cute palette includes three eyeshadows, three lipcreams, a luminizer, and a blush!

DuWop makes some pretty high quality items and this little palette looks darling! I’m particularly loving the shades of eyeshadow in this compact!

The palette is only available from Beauty.com and exclusive to them!

It’s $32 a bit steep but still quite a nice array of goodies for the price!

I sure do wish it was around when the 20% Friends and Family Discount at Beauty.com was going on!

Want it?

  • 11/14/07 6:39 Linn:

    Good morning! How’s New York treating you today? I’m not doing very well actually, I woke up with a headache which I almost never have before! Feeling a bit better now though, when I’m checking out your site!

    Why that palette sure was cute! I must admit I’m not very much into cute stuff though… but if it was to jump on me on a dark night I wouldn’t be too sad!


  • 11/14/07 9:08 Taryn:

    Muse, can I ask you a favor? Once again, this isn’t related to DuWop, but seeing their products made me think of this.

    Do you have any Chanel lipsticks still in their boxes? If you do, could you tell me if they contain parabens? I really want to order one, but can’t find ingredients listed anywhere, and I hate going to the counter because those women give me the heebie jeebies.

    I’ll shut up with my questions now, I swear!!


  • 11/14/07 10:30 the Muse:

    Good Morning Miss Linn =)

    Very well thanks and how is Sweden treating you love?

    Aw :( Take some aspirins love and see if it helps! I’ll send some hugs your way in hopes you’ll feel better!

    LOL makeup always makes me feel better!

    LOL! I’m TOO into cute stuff! I wish I could be a bit more restrained but I have no willpower and it’s cute I’m all over it :)

    Hugs! Feel better!

    Hello Taryn!

    You can ask me tons of favors! and I wont even charge you hehe!

    All my Chanel lipsticks are out of the box I fear. I had heard the lip conditioner contained parabens but I’m not sure of the lipsticks. Have you checked on MUA or googled? You can always call Nordie’s Beauty Hotline number and ask after the ingredients! If you need the number let me know! I understand about the MU’s at the counter sometimes they aren’t exactly the nicest folk around 😛

    LOL don’t shut up!
    I love your comments :)



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