A Few of My Favorite Stocking Stuffers

300px Christmas stocking

Since I’ve done my favorite gifts how about some great beauty stocking stuffers and smaller pressies to surprise and delight family members and friends or these are always nice for grab bags or Secret Santa’s at work!

Too Faced Quickie Chronicle Jerrod’s Picks $15USD
P168311 hero
Includes Two Eyeshadows, Two Glosses, and One Blush

DuWop Mini Lip Venom Set $21USD
P193918 hero
Three Mini Lip Venoms in a Cute Container

Cargo Daily Gloss
P78812 hero
30 Dots of Gloss for 30 Days of Glossy Lips

Cargo Gloss Box $15USD
P133702 hero
7 Shades, 2 of Each Color, 14 Total Glosses all in a plastic snap case

Sephora Lip Butter Confections Trio $6USD
P168708 hero
Set includes three lip butters in Tiramisu, Triple Layer Cake, and Banana Foster

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler $18USD (Perfect for a gift or a stocking stuffer)
P8119 hero
Packaged in Holiday Clothes just right for gift giving!

mark Mini Marks Most Loved Lips $15USD
PROD 1044427 LG
Includes 9 mark glosses stored in a cute bag

mark Mini Marks Most Loved Eyes $15USD
PROD 1044428 LG
Includes 9 mark cream eyeshadows stored in a cute bag

mark Candy Stripes Lip Glosses with Mezzo Case $10USD
prod 200724F XL
10 glosses in one cute compact

Avon Gingerbread Man Emery Board .69 Cents USD
PROD 1039438 LG

Avon Holiday Lip Balms .69 Cents USD
PROD 1043558 LG

Avon Penguin Emery Board .69 Cents USD
PROD 1047315 LG

Avon 8-in-1! Eyeshadow Palettes $12 USD
PROD 1042692 LG

Demeter Mini Cologne Splash $5 USD
Angel Food Bottle
Orange Cream Pop SD Bottle
Available in array of hundreds of scents!

Bath and Body Works Tranquil Mint Gift Set $12USD
pBBW1 3869995v194
Includes Body Lotion, Body Wash, Pillow Mist, and a carrying tote

Bath and Body Works Very Merry Duo $12.50USD
pBBW1 3879410v194
Includes Teddy Bear, Body Wash, and Body Lotion in Sweet Pea

Bath and Body Works Bundle of Joy Gift Set
pBBW1 3879404v194
Includes Body Butter, Shower Gel, and Reindeer Tote

C.O. Bigelow Soda Fountain Lipgloss Trio
pBBW1 3873227v194
Trio of lipglosses in Vanilla Malt, Strawberry Shake, and Double Chocolate

Knotty Girl Drama Queen Marshmallow Bubbling Bath Body Wash

Vintage Sister Cocktail Trio $12USD
3 Lipbalms in a cute collectible tin

Bubbles of Rockport Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars in Various Scents $3.99-$4.95 USD Each

Apple of My Eye Bath Bomb

Gingerbread Man Bubble Bar

Cherriflip Smooth Set $13USD
Includes Breezy Peach Shower Gel, Soft Stuff Cream, and Shower Puff

Natty Girl Foxy Face Herbal Steam $10USD

Enough Herbs for Three Facial Steams

Natty Girl Rosy Cheeks Hydrating Mask

Margarita Bloom’s Fabulous Little Box of Goodies $19.99USD

Comes with one bath accessory and ten sample size Margarita Bloom products (I buy these by the bucket around the Holiday! For me it’s the perfect little stocking stuffer!)

Pich Posh Cupcake Solid Bubble Bath $8.95 USD Each

The Body Bakery Sweet Shop Sampler $20USD
Snowflake Sampler bg
Includes a quad of sweet cream body lotions in your choice of Naughty or Nice Scents

Urban Decay Primer Duo $25USD
Stick one in a friend’s stocking and keep one for yourself!

Hard Candy Mix Tape Palette $15USD
Includes Three Eyeshadows, Three Lipglosses, and Applicators

Hard Candy Key to My Heart $6USD
Two glosses snapped into keepsake keychain

Hard Candy Lipgloss Ring $6USD

Hard Candy Lollipop Lipgloss $6USD

Pookie Lip Balm Tin $7USD
product image.php

Rosebud Salve $6USD
P42204 hero
BEST Stocking Stuffer EVER! The Muse can’t leave without this stuff!

Victoria’s Secret Must Have Mini Sets $15USD
Includes Hydrating Body Lotion. Exhilarating Body Wash, Stimulating Body Scrub, Refreshing Body Mist and a cute makeup pouch!

Too Faced Glamour To Go $18.50USD
Includes 6 glosses and 3 eyeshadows plus applicators

  • 11/14/07 19:58 Heather Mary:

    WOW! Just FANTABULOUS! You are the QUEEN! *bow* THANK YOU!


  • 11/14/07 20:36 the Muse:

    LOL =)

    Hope it helps with your shopping!


  • 11/14/07 23:51 CuttiBeBe:

    bath goodies!!! oh yummyyy… i love the margirita lunch box looking thingy.

    i took a bath last night with *french kiss* and i totally forgot it s a bubble bath bomb. i waited till the tubs full and dropped it.. and watched it sink..

    i was all like… hmmmm?? so i picked it up, then i noticed the little bubbles started to form.. ohhhhhh!!! lol.

    i might have my first christmas tree this year and i want all that ornament and red sock thingy, stocking stuffers are sooo cuteeee


  • 11/15/07 2:17 Sarah:

    Hi Muse-y,

    Great post! I have 5 of these items. :) Your Christmas posts have been so helpful. Thanks for all the ideas!



  • 11/15/07 6:49 the Muse:

    Hey Steph!

    Hehehe :) Loving the bath stuff myself!

    I love Margarita Bloom :) That’s definately something you need to try they make awesome little bits and bobs :)

    LOL! Ya french kiss is a bubble bar :) You have to crush it up to get the most from it ;)

    =) Trees are great! They really get a person into the spirit ;)

    And you can be so imaginative decorating it ;)



  • 11/15/07 6:50 the Muse:

    Hello sarah :)
    How are you?

    I’m so glad you find them helpful! Which items do you have=)

    Many hugs!


  • 11/15/07 6:56 Minou:

    Muse, your posts are evil!
    I’m wanting everything…for myself. LOL!

    Anyway, just joking on the above. ;)

    I love your blog!


  • 11/15/07 7:15 the Muse:

    hehe minou :)

    I want it all for myself too! LOL!

    Thanks! It really means the world to me you are loving my blog so much!


  • 11/15/07 20:58 Sarah:

    Hi Muse-y,

    I can’t say which items I have for I think my friends that some of them are gifts for frequent your site. :P I have to have them be secrets. ;)

    I myself own the Rosebud lip salve and LOVE it! Have you tried their newest Brambleberry Rose scent from Sephora? I adore it.



  • 11/16/07 7:25 the Muse:

    Hi Sarah :)

    got your entire family reading my site do ya?


    I haven’t tried the brambleberry yet but dying too :) I was planning a review of rosebud salve actually since this stuff is freaking amazing :)

    I have the mint rose, regular rose, and strawberry so you know the newest is on my wish list ;)



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