JANE Shimmering Blushes

Remember when you were like 15 and Jane had some awesome cosmetics and it was the height of style to own some of it?

Am I going too far back for you?

Well, sadly, if you’re as old as me you’ll remember Jane when you were a teenager!

It’s recently gotten a revamped look and style. To be honest I can’t recall it being on shelves for a long time and suddenly everywhere I look a new display is popping up for it!

Count me curious because they released a Shimmering Blush for $5.99! Now your Muse is not normally one for drugstore brands outside of Asia but these do seem interesting! I know the folk on MUA are going ape crazy over them because everywhere I look I see pictures of entire hauls of these blushes!

That must mean they are good right?

So maybe…kinda….sorta…I’ll go to CVS or Walgreens or some rubbish drugstore like that and pick one up out of curiosity (I like to live dangerously sometimes!).

Jane Shimmer Blush Natural

Jane Shimmer Blush Peony

Jane Shimmer Blush Wisteria

Jane Shimmer Blush Roses

Got these?
How are they?
Tell the Muse!

  • 11/27/07 0:18 Roxii:

    You always manage to put a smile on my face with your humorous snips. :-) Well, to be honest, I remember J.A.N.E cosmetics…but it’s not a pleasant memory. Their e/s have never had much pigment and I’d rather save the $5-7 (including tax) and spend it elsewhere.


  • 11/27/07 8:43 the Muse:

    Hello Roxii!

    Well my work is complete then love :) I adore making people smile! hehe! I’m so glad someone appreciates my rather sad sense of humor! I fear I’m easily amused to say the very least hehehe!

    Oh gosh I recall the eyeshadows! But at the time I thought I was awesome for owning them!

    I gotta say once you work it out with tax you might as well spend it on a mac shadow that holds pigment! I haven’t purchased drugstore brands in at least 14 years or so!

    These do look kinda sorta interesting but I’m positive they are rubbish 😉

    Thanks your comment! Totally made my day!



  • 11/15/12 9:52 Tracy Poushter:

    Do you know where I can purchase Jane Shimmering Blush #03 Peony?

    Thanks so much.


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