Ulta’s Color on the Go Palette

Hey if the Ulta Blockbuster Palette isn’t enough for you!

How about the Color on the Go Palette which includes 56 Eye Shadows, 30 Lip Colors, 2 Blushes, and 2 Over-All Face Colors!

Ulta’s Color on the Go Palette $19.99 at Ulta.com

I really want someone to prove me wrong about these palettes because they sure do look good but that much product in one place for $19.99 makes a Muse skeptical!

  • 11/27/07 0:21 Roxii:

    OMG, several months ago I purchased the Sephora Blockbuster Palette at my local Sephora store. I took it home and when I finally got around to opening it, I could smell the strong odor (yes odor, not aroma) of plastic chemicals (it -the odor- was from the eyeshadows and powders). Uggh, I immediately returned it and I took my $48 and bought M.A.C. 😀


  • 11/27/07 8:46 the Muse:

    hi again Roxii!

    I never really got the craze over the palette. I definately say it’s alot of bang for the buck but it never once tempted me to purchase it! Totally believe that it stunk !!!!!!!

    GO MAC 😉 hehe! I must admit for $48 bucks you can get a nice pile of mac items and hey it’s not 100 eyeshadows and 50 lipglosses and 60 blushes but you’ll get at least 3-4 good pigmented shadows, glosses, or a nice palette that will definately be worth the cash!

    Thanks for the comment 😉


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