Ulta’s Holiday Blockbuster Palette

I guess Ulta’s doing it’s own little version of the Holiday Blockbuster Palette and it’s only $24.99! Take THAT Sephora!

Ulta’s version comes with 28 Eyeshadows, 12 Lip Colors, 4 Full Size Lipsticks, 4 Blushes, 4 Nail Polishes, 2 Face Powders, 2 Lip Glosses, 2 Lip Gloss Pots, 2 Eye Shadow Quads, 2 Concealers, 2 Liner Pencils, 2 Shimmer Powders, Applicators, a Removable Train Case, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree (I made the last part up).

Ulta’s Holiday Blockbuster Palette

Supposedly it’s worth $195 but personally I’d take a gamble that it’s a lot of cheap makeup with no pigment! Just the Muse’s humble observation (I know I’m cruel but if it makes up for anything I feel the same way about Sephora’s Blockbuster Palette!)!

What do you think?

  • 11/27/07 0:58 loey:

    Unfortunately (or not) I agree with you that this must be cheap make up with a lot of fillers and strange ingredients (think Mineral Oils). The reason why we pay USD17 (? I pay SGD25) for ONE single M.A.C eyeshadow is for the quality. These huge palettes are just too good to be true.


  • 11/27/07 8:48 the Muse:

    Hi loey

    Agreed 100%! I hate to be a snob but I must say if it’s not a designer brand palette the chances of it appearing in my cart are slim to NONE!

    Our shadows are $14.50 and in my humblest worth at least $25 for pigment alone!

    And god knows, as you said, what is in these palettes!

    Pig fat or something equally scary :)


  • 11/27/07 12:27 Spicey:

    I don’t know. It got several good reviews on YouTube. Sometimes inexpensive make-up turns out to be okay. I’m not that sceptical about it to be honest. Ulta brand’s regular selection seems okay. Of course, I haven’t been to the States in almost 2 yrs so that culd have changed. :)


  • 11/27/07 13:23 the Muse:


    I’m not sure!

    I skeptical that much makeup is so cheap ya know 😉

    I never tried any Ulta products but hey you never cane tell!

    This might be awesome =)

    Thanks for the comments!


  • 11/29/07 11:41 luckyprettyeyes:

    i have this and the color on the go and the pigmentation is wonderful!


  • 11/30/07 9:51 the Muse:

    Hi there luckyprettyeyes!

    It’s great to hear someone has something good to say about this!

    I was skeptical as it’s SO MUCH product for such a LITTLE price!

    It’s great to hear it’s good pigment!

    Thanks for the insight :)



  • 12/3/07 0:53 TianShi:

    Yes, I have this too. It’s actually pretty darn good. The eyeshadows are super pretty and quite pigmented (especially with a base,) the blushes are actually /too/ pigmented. Haha. I don’t care much for the nail polishes however but ah who cares about that. x]


  • 12/5/07 13:30 the Muse:

    Hi tianshi!

    I’m so happy to hear good reviews of this as it just seems so big (and cheap!) to actually be good. Kinda too good to be true!

    It’s nice to hear that it is actually good and not just a buncha crummy makeup thrown together!

    Thanks for the comment and the review of it 😉


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