Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres UK Colors

Yesterday I was telling you about an obscenely large package my mate Shaz sent me! Here’s something that was inside!


Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres in Jaune Pepite 21, Orange Pepite 23, and Ocre Pepite 24

GASP! How gorgeous are these!? They are so much more vibrant than the colors we have here in the US! We have NONE of these colors available to us here and I’m just loving every single one!

Shhh don’t tell anyone I even tried the lighter and dark oranges for a blush (instead of a shadow) and they look great!

My eyes literally popped with the color when I tried these and they’ll be wonderful in the Summer! As much as I love Bourjois Paris their shadows are sometimes light but these are mega pigmented!

I’m so properly chuffed I may just squeal in excitement!

  • 12/12/07 7:56 petitez:

    Oh my! The colours are really striking! I’ve never really paid any attention to Bourjois e/s. Their colours always seem very pastel to me. I think Orange Pepite 23 is the nicest.


  • 12/12/07 9:14 the Muse:

    aren’t they!?

    Actually some colors are very bold and beautiful! And even the natural ones have a very nice shimmer about ’em! Plus they are cheap!!!!!

    I like Orange Peptie 23 best myself too!


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